solid lotion pucks


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1.5-2.0 oz

we couldn't think of a better name for these solid lotion pucks. that's right, we're calling them pucks. do they look like a bar to you? bodygoodies solid lotion pucks are loaded with mojo for your skin. yep. you'll think they have magic powers, too, once you use them. we assure you, though—there's no magic involved. they are simply made of the best oils and butters nature has to offer.

we recommend these most often for kids and adults with dry itchy skin, or anyone suffering from eczema or psoriasis - these pucks moisturize deeply and provide a protective barrier! this means they are awesome for anyone in the medical field constantly washing their hands, or people who work in the elements! 

although we recommend these pucks for these specific issues, they are a great moisturizer for everyone. a gentle, super-moisturizing skin treatment. Good for healing, repairing, soothing and intense moisture therapy.

how to use: tip out puck into your hands, rub together to warm up with your body temperature! this allows the butters to warm up and melt into your skin. (: use daily as needed. 


beeswax, olive, coconut, apricot, kokum, mango butter,  jojoba, essential oil.

* please note*  'something citrus' is exactly that -- the scent blend changes from batch to batch but it is always a mix of citrus oils and a touch of vanilla. 


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