our story

bodygoodies began several years ago in my kitchen, driven by a personal mission to eliminate toxins, preservatives and chemicals commonly found in everyday body care products. I knew i had found my niche with my very first batch ever made. I first fell in love with the artistry of designing bar soaps, next, the results from using them, then, the science of creating and perfecting formulas that are truly effective and beneficial to skin. This inspired me to go to esthetician school where I became a licensed, practicing esthetician.

I bring my ideals and values into the quality of my products. My passion to help others is the single most driving force behind my determination. To bring my customers a safe, simple skin care regimen designed for all ages and all skin types. With a “less is more, back to basics” approach. I continuously further my education, becoming even more dedicated to creating the most well formulated products with an arsenal of passion, knowledge and experience behind all things bodygoodies.

We have now been in business for 12 years, helping individuals live with a simpler, cleaner skincare routine!