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Some of you already know our skincare protocol here at bodygoodies, but for those of you who dont .... heres a simple breakdown of our most recommended skincare products and daily regimen recommendations - and a few little tips

quick reference: 

cleanser/soap: crud, frenchy, bar none, bar 21, rooibos tea, fij 

moisturizer: base serum, treatment serum, remedy serum, basic serum

exfoliant: we never recommend anything scrubby on the face, if you feel you need to remove dead skin cells - we recommend dairy ( yogurt/lactic acid) as a natural, gentle peel.

toner: we recommend rose hydrosol ( floral water) if you feel you need to use a toner after cleansing. any hydrosol will do - ( as long as it is natural with no chemical additives which many of them do, be very very selective when sourcing your hydrosols)

facial masks: no more than once per week - we recommend mix at home dry mud/clay masks. ( we prefer dry mixes so you can avoid exposing your skin to the preservative and chemical ingredients found in most commercial pre made mask formulas).

our most recommended facial soaps : although all bodygoodies soaps ( except low tide) are safe for facial skin - our most popular facial soaps are : crud, frenchy, fij, bar none, bar 21, rooibos tea, and BGTS. 

some people like to alternate to give their skin different ingredient benefits, some people like sticking with their tried and true favorite, its entirely up to you.

the breakdown - 

crud = mineral power house, safe and gentle for daily use by all skin types -  good for acne, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, rosacea, and dermatitis.  packed full of muds and dead sea salt, you can actually smell the earthy goodness in it complimented with essential oils of patchouli, lavender and geranium.

frenchy = calm things down with this gentle bar. frenchy is pure lavender essential oil and soothing oat flour. this is a favorite for babies and extra sensitive skin types.

fij = detox clay and mineral packed. Fij is ultra creamy from the clays in this bar - with a unique blend of calming patchouli with refreshing spearmint. good for all skin types. 

bar none = simply soap. JUST plain soap. no clays, no essential oils or muds, just the bare necessities. a favorite for babies, pre/post surgeries, extra sensitive skin types and scent sensitive people. 

bar 21 = super clean and hair health,  this herbaceous rosemary bar is a favorite for the gym go-ers, the shampoo soap bar users, and anyone who wants to feel squeaky clean without drying your skin out. 

rooibos tea = gentle and soothing - in an antioxidant tea base with soothing patchouli and calming lavender. a favorite for people with sensitivities, babies with skin irritation, and people who just love the smell of patchouli ;) 



now, onto your moisturizer....

facial serums: we recommend these to use as your daily moisturizer. we suggest you discontinue using any other moisturizer you may be using as our facial serums provide everything you need from your SPF to your breakout control to your vitamin and omega and anti aging benefits. all of our serums can be used together, or alone - its a matter of finding what works best for your personal skincare needs.

all of our serums are created to balance oil production   

all of our serums contain SPF

all of our serums are anti bacterial, fungal, viral and microbial

all of our serums are designed to absorb completely into your skin with no greasy after feel.

all of our serums are designed to be used alone or together, depending on your personal skincare needs. 

all of our serums are recommended for all skin types oily, dry, young, mature, and whether you suffer a skin issue or not - gentle and beneficial for people who suffer from acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, kp, dermatitis and sensitivities as well. 

the breakdown- 

BASE: base is our bottle of liquid magic. ..it was designed to do everything all of our other serums do ...all in one bottle- without the use of essential oils - with minimal but very effective ingredients. loaded with vitamins, omegas, natural retinol, natural SPF and pretty much everything you could possibly want for your skin - its going to minimize your breakouts, balance your oil production, whether your skin is dry or oily, its going to leave an amazing velvety feel to your skin, without being greasy at all. its going to protect your skin, hydrate your skin, give you a healthy glow, heal new and old scarring, imperfections, reduce redness,balance skin tone, reduce the appearance of fine lines, rebuild, regenerate, i mean... this stuff does everything you want a serum to do. ..... a LITTLE bit goes a very long way - we recommend 2-4 drops  after washing your face. please see its individual listing here.

treatment serum is a nice boost when you feel your skin needs a little extra care, it can be used in addition to any of our other serums, but can also be used stand alone. It was designed to treat issues that may pop up from time to time, giving you that extra protection when youre suffering breakouts, environmental and seasonal skin changes.  just like base... its is recommended for all skin types and possesses everything your skin needs for a daily moisturizer. read more about the treatment serum here

basic serum: this serum is made of two simple ingredients. jojoba and castor oil. its SO basic, so easy and simple, yet perfect for that BASIC daily hydration. its not going to do near as much work as the other serums, but it will hydrate your skin at a healthy level so you dont dry out and dont get greasy. its great to use as your oil based make up remover, which is the main reason its here. but its got its own little place in the hearts of many to use on pets, babies, and just to have on hand for any little issues that pop up. see more about basic serum here. 

alright, so theres your simple skincare regimen - wash with bodygoodies soap and moisturize with a bodygoodies serum! 



now onto some info/tips!

as you probably know by now - bodygoodies follows a simple rule when it comes to skincare - LESS IS MORE... and that can be seen in the ingredient lists on our products as well as how often we recommend using them, to how many you actually should be using :)

we think the least amount of ingredients is the best for you! the less your skin is exposed to - the less likely you are to have an issue with your skin, and if you do have an issue, its pretty easy to narrow it down to what might be the problem for you. 

we think the less you do to your skin the better off it is - think about it .... go take a look at a mainstream product and just count how many ingredients are on it ( not to mention how many you may not even know what the ingredient is )... then think about those regimens that are asking you to do 3 step or 5 steps in order to complete it ..... look how many ingredients you just exposed your skin to in a matter of minutes! and WORSE - each one of those bottles more than likely contains a preservative - so not only has your skin been exposed to that preservative once.... but every single time you used a different product in that regimen ... and not just your skin -- i mean, your skin isnt a magic shield that doesnt let anything penetrate it - youre exposing your whole body to those things! think.about.that.  scary stuff.

so at bg, we have a simple regimen - cleanse and moisturize. thats all we honestly recommend for daily skin health - its the product you use, the ingredients that make that product that make them effective ---- not how many different products with a gazillion things in them. MORE  IS NOT BETTER... which leads  me to...

wash once a day! we dont recommend washing more than once a day - i know, i know, that goes against everything youve ever been told by anyone as soon as your first zit ever made its appearance on your face. but just think about this : every time you wash your face, you are changing the pH of your skin.... and your skin ....has to first of all deal with the ingredients, but secondly it has to work itself back to its natural pH. if you are doing that multiple times a day, you are making your skin work way harder than it should. this tends to lead to issues with over oil production from stripping too much of your natural oil,  or dryness from over moisturizing after your washings.  and most people think well hey, its ok, i wash in the morning and not again until night... i gave it a really long time to have a break. but have you looked at it in reverse? wash in the night and then in the morning? how many of you are sleeping 12 hours? i know im certainly not lol... so chances are your poor skin has not had enough time between washings, to prepare itself for another one. and i know what youre about to say next ----- "but i cant go to bed with make up on" .... well, although im not personally a fan of make up in general, i know a lot of you prefer to wear it ... so... if you do..  heres what we suggest for that --- hydrosol or a water/oil rinse to remove your make up. or both. instead of using a cleanser again ( soap) which - unfortunately has to have a pH higher than your skin in order to ACTUALLY clean it - instead of making your skin work all over again... use oil ( serum) if you use oil base make ups and use water ( h2o or floral waters) if you use water base make ups, and just simply loosen, remove, rinse. yes, really. its that easy and that much better for your skin than washing more than once a day. 

ok, so a couple of quick tips we often recommend at bodygoodies.

use soap last in the shower! a lot of people tend to hop in and begin their cleansing ritual by using soap first, after all - thats why youre in there to begin with! BUT - if you use soap last in the shower, you are the cleanest you can be when you get out ;) think about it - youve now removed any residues/chemical/anythings sitting on your skin from any other products you may have used while you were in there. yep... soap.last. -- its a good thing to start doing if you arent doing so already!

gently pat dry your face so that when you apply your serum you dont have to use as much! damp skin helps spread the serum easily - its a great time to apply your serum, right after your soap cleansing so everything is nice and clean and your pores are ready to accept the healthy stuff you are about to put on your face. 

always treat your décolleté (upper chest/neck/shoulder) area as you do your face. this delicate skin should be treated gently and protected as much as your face. 

ok guys, i think thats about all for now, hope you found this information useful!

until next,