mix at home mud mask


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mix at home facial masks are made for you to customize your mask to best suit your skins needs. 

the bodygoodies at home mask mix is a base of dead sea clay, cambrian blue clay and rhassoul clay that can be mixed with water and used as is, or mixed a variety of things to benefit your skin. 

Some of our other favorite things to add include: floral waters, yogurt, buttermilk, green tea, coffee, honey. You can also include additives such as crushed berry juice, hydrating oils, bodygoodies facial serums, botanical extracts and essential oils. really - its up to you -- thats whats so great about at home masks! 

to use: mix small amount with water OR a base like plain greek yogurt / honey and any other additives to achieve desired consistency. allow to set (10 minutes for maximum benefits.) remove with cool water. pat dry.

yep. its really that easy. 

tips for using: mix about a teaspoon into a bowl with warm water and/or any other additives. apply directly to skin with clean hands or soft facial brush. take note - more is not better. the mask does not have to be thick in order to work its magic. just enough to cover the skin will suffice.

The 1.5oz  mask has between 4-12 masks in it depending on how you mix it and what you mix it with.  

suggested use, no more than once a week. 

ingredients: dead sea clay, cambrian blue clay, rhassoul clay. 1.5 oz.