milk and honey butter+sugar bar


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* please note* 

As this product does not contain synthetic stabilizers we cannot guarantee product will arrive in warm areas without melting! Please keep your local temperatures in mind when ordering online! If your location is over 70 degrees we recommend waiting until it’s cooler. 

these milk and honey bars are little bricks of milk, honey, sugar, butter and vanilla to be used in the shower or bath. they smell amazing, feel amazing, work amazing ..and if you've ever used our meltdowns, they’ll remind you a lot of those, just better.

- some of us kept it by the sink and used it as a scrub and/or moisturizer after we washed our hands.
- some of us used it like a break away bar for bath melts.
- some of us didn’t bother breaking off any bits for bath melts, we simply held it in the bath water for a minute and let’s the goodies melt into the water right off the bar.
- some of us used it as a scrub for stubborn skin areas. backs of the arms, feet, elbows.
- some of us used it like an all over lotion at the end of our shower routine. no need to apply lotion afterwards!


Kokum and mango butters were chosen for a few reasons - most importantly that they are so beneficial for any sort of skin condition, are non pore clogging, yet incredibly moisturizing!

Cane sugar - has the ability to soften skin even if it’s melted into your bath water, but also can scrub to soften as it stays solid in the product if you use it as a buffing bar.

Milk - well, it certainly adds to the scent of this product.. it literally smells like milk and honey. But the reason its in here is because the lactic acid in milk is an excellent way to give yourself a natural “ peel” for super soft refreshed skin with a healthy glow! That’s why we always recommend yogurt face masks! ;)

Jojoba - acts as the carrier for the vanilla, and is specifically chosen as it’s technically a liquid wax, non pore clogging and so similar to our skins own natural oil. It’s the perfect non butter delivery your skin needs and keeps the product from being too brittle from the hard butter

Honey - are you kidding me? It had to be in here. Aside from the sweet scent it adds, it acts just as the sugar does to soften skin, without being abrasive, but comes so fully packed with so many benefits to skin I don’t even have space to list them all out here!

Tapioca starch- is used to provide slip, and act as a binder for all of the ingredients.
Vanilla - a lot of people think vanilla is just the smell good, or taste good thing. Well, you might actually be more impressed by what it can do for your skin!
It’s got b vitamins, pantothenic acid, rich in antioxidants, improves skin texture & battles free radicals

ingredients: mango butter, kokum butter, whole milk, honey, cane sugar, vanilla, jojoba, tapioca powder, sucanat sugar. 3.25-3.75 oz.