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ingredients: olive, coconut, palm, safflower, jojoba, vanilla, patchouli, rose essential oils, cocoa, mica, titanium, dioxide, rose petals. 3.5-4.5 oz

this bar is a limited release and its first ever time here.... its such a deep beautiful scent - a perfect blend of sweet rose, earthy patchouli and subtle madagascar vanilla. 

i wanted this bar to be named after a woman worth recognizing from the victorian era as it suited the bar. i stumbled upon a really old school cool lady named margaret fountaine who is best known for her butterfly collection/ personal diaries. she was from back in the late 1800s/early 1900s and i thought id honor her with this bar. 

aside from being just an interesting woman, she has some great quotes that i love, some struggles in love and life, artistic talent both with words and fine arts, a desire for travel and discovery, and a secret she kept that i think is just so totally cool. when she passed she left behind her journals and butterfly studies ( which also contained some amazing artwork) but she request in her will-  that the box containing them be deposited at norwich castle museum in the year of her death and not to be opened until 1978 ( 38 years after her death). upon opening were 10 butterfly cases containing 22,000 specimens and 12 of her personal journals. yeah, i think this lady deserves to be recognized.