laundry soap bar
laundry soap bar

laundry soap bar

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make 2 gallons thick concentrate (4-6 fluid gallons)

completely chemical free, borax fee, fragrance free, dye free! no need for fabric softeners - it does it for you already! great for front loaders! 

our laundry soap is beneficial for anyone suffering skin sensitivities, eczema, dermatitis etc..

grate it, chop it, chunk it - whatever you wish, put 1-2 oz into a gallon of warm water and allow to dissolve, although any temp will work, the warmer the water, the faster it will dissolve. you can make a thick concentrate and divide it watered down into multiple gallons - or leave it thick and add it directly to your laundry load, whatever you prefer! 

to use it:

for heavily soiled clothing we recommend 1/4 C per full load 

light soil - 1/8 C

we know this seems minimal - but assure you - the power of real soap to clean your laundry will surprise you! a little bit goes a LONG way!

ingredients: soap