butter cream moisturizing butter bar


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* please note* 

As this product does not contain synthetic stabilizers we cannot guarantee product will arrive in warm areas without melting! Please keep your local temperatures in mind when ordering online! If your location is over 70 degrees we recommend waiting until it’s cooler. 

There are multiple ways to use your butter creams  -- but before i get into that *please use caution* when using this product. its basically a stick of butter going into your shower -- and yes it will be slippery!! 

my personal favorite way to use it -- is the last thing i do in my shower, i stand out of the water, pick up the lotion bar and let some of the butters melt onto my hands and just doing that gets enough on my hands to lotion up head to toe! sometimes i get back under the water to rinse and melt it further into my skin ( like if its a chocolate one so it doesnt turn my white towels brown lol ) other times i just massage it into my skin and pat dry with my towel when my shower is done. 

if you prefer a bath you can hold the bar in your bath water for a few seconds to allow some to melt into the bath water, or also break a chunk off and use it as a bath melt.

you can also use the buttercreams directly on your skin as well just as you would a bar of soap, but dont expect lather - do expect to be VERY lotioned up!