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wow do i have some stuff to fill you all in on.. 

first, im going to go over the things recently released starting with - the solid scents.

i mentioned these a few posts back.. and i finally got to working out some blends. i decided to keep along my apothecary theme with these first two and used some really old school exquisite oils and resins in them. there will be a couple of more scents coming out soon - but the first 2 out are jasmine vanilla and cedarwood oakmoss. these are just the main notes .....the following is the complete list: 

jasmine vanilla is - 2 different jasmine oils, madagascar vanilla, amyris and guaiacwood.

oakmoss cedarwood is - oakmoss absolute, cedarwood virginia, cedarwood atlas, sandalwood, copaiba, balsam peru, amyris.

solid scents are really great for anyone who wants to have a little something special to wear - but is otherwise sensitive to mainstream perfumers chemicals that most colognes and perfumes are made from. being natural however, the notes will fade from top and heart notes to a lingering bottom note, so if you tend to love the first part of the blend, you may need to reapply as needed :) these 2 blends are currently out for sale in store and online

keep an eye out for more scents soon! 

next we've got some new apothecary body spritz!

i am so obsessed with these things. ( and i freaking adore the lables maddi made for em)  if you recall last year we released some body sprays for the holiday season, these are very much like those, however they do differ slightly and i wanted to talk about that real quick. i decided this year to make them just a little extra special, more so than usual, with things that take time, things that are hard to obtain, expensive and/or hard to harvest. 

pictured here are three of 5 that i made over the last 2 days. listed below are all of the scents i made, all currently out for sale in the shop and online as well

black kat - main notes of amber and patchouli, this blend is strong and will definitely be noticed. notes of sandalwood, labdanum, myrrh,  it honestly just reminds me of a witchy, crystal, incense shop and hopefully reminds you of that too. this one will linger the entire day. 

vetiver vanilla - this one is almost identical to last years, however a little heavier on the vetiver and i used 2 different vanilla oils instead of just one. This one will also linger the entire day, however its a much softer subtle scent compared to black kat. 

patchouli- for the patchouli spray this year, i stepped it up a notch and blended in some of my very special, extra aged, sparingly used patchouli oil. for those of you who arent aware, patchouli oil is one of very few essential oils that actually get better with time. every year i set aside about 4 pounds of my patchouli and tuck it far away from the rest of my oils to be forgotten about until a few years down the road. this is also the patchouli i use in our beloved PX3 bar. i rotate out about a 5 year timeline, so this years special aged patchouli has been aging since 2017.  this scent will also last all day. 

dream weaver - dream weaver is a new blend that i felt needed a little place here. i wanted something a little softer for the people who prefer lighter scents.  i named it dream weaver for a few reasons-- one of which is to pay tribute to gary wright who recently passed, and sang the popular 70s tune, 'dream weaver' which i happened to always love. the blend is a perfectly dreamy mix of intoxicating oils- Jasmine, german blue chamomile, vanilla and lavender. although all of these oils have powerful distinct scents individually, they all fall on the softer, sweet side and together perfectly balance one another. this scent is light, lovely and will linger a while, it would not be considered a strong scent and would be perfect for those of you who like to wear something nice, a little extra special, but not overwhelm yourself or your surroundings with strong scents. 

lemon vanilla - this, well.. what else needs said. 2 different lemon oils, 2 different vanilla oils.... not much else to say about this one other than, it had to be here or id likely be burned at the stake by the people who love it. ha. this blend will linger quite a while, it is a fresh, soft, sweet blend and will mellow out to mostly vanilla notes after a couple of hours. 

alright -- up next weve got the new soaps that came out! sooooo... uhh....there was a little mishap in its online release and i wanted to clear that up real quick. Cowboy coffee, witches brew and matcha mint are our three latest soap releases. they are all available in store and online ( finally) lol!

when the bars were released we forgot to tick the " active" setting on our online store. so, they were stuck on " draft" which meant they were not visible to you guys. ooops..... sorry bout that! happy to announce that far away fans can now finally get your hands on it. 

lastly, i just wanted to let you know ive officially started the " small business saturday" tab in my notes -- and the ideas are already coming together for what special things we are planning to do this year!! AHHHH I CANT WAAAAAIT!!

what are you looking forward to the most about small business saturday at bodygoodies?

ill be back soon to follow up with a blog about some of the soaps that will be coming out next!! until then, heres a sneak peek at three of the bars. 

ps, these are the bars ill be holding the contest for, however in my excitement ive already blabbed about its special ingredient to too many people HAHA imagine that- so we will be switching up the contest - details to follow in my next blog. any guesses just for the fun of it what their special ingredient is? 

until next, 

-heidi :)