the kinda mood im in...

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somehow it seems that every year i kinda get into a mood, theme, something... i dont really plan a theme, it just kinda happens. sometimes its real colorful fun and whimsical, sometimes its real mainstream, cliche, popular,  blast from the past, memory laneish, etc .... for whatever reason, as this year is coming together, im noticing a very obvious mood. 

it started with wanting amber packaging, if you noticed the whips are in the amber jars, i just felt this urge to have old school apothecary like packaging, not the clear or clean minimalist type stuff we normally use, i want history, i want apothecary, i want dark mystique.olde, olde. 

so dont be surprised if you see a strange label or two this season! and as for those favorites that will be coming back, like noel, pizzelle.... they might just get some fancy font upgrades for the year. might have some fun with the labels etc...howeverrrrrrrrrr... dont expect everything to be this way, but do expect to see a bit of it throughout the rest of the year. 

today i was making a soap that i originally planned to be vanilla, orange, and cassia --- it ended up being labdanum, peru balsam, copaiba and patchouli, -- the combination smells a lot like " amber" that some of you may be familiar with. for those of you who arent familiar... its pretty much what rock/crystal shops smell like. hah.  which, is actually a scent i totally love and always brings good olfactory memories for me of when my sister was living in cleveland - near coventry, and id go there like the cool kid i was at 16 in my combat boots and hang out at the coffee shop- arabica, and always stop in the crystal shop sniffing all of the amazing things there.. in fact, im pretty sure i bought my very first essential oil perfume there, .. man,  i loved that place.  i loved coventry, and i still love my sister :) 

alright, without further ado - heres the bar i made today.

 black kat pumpkin bar

now, this photo is of the fresh pour, its going to look a bit different once its through the gel phase and cooled - so ill update you once i get those out of the mold. as stated in my last blog, im not sure how much will change, im kinda hoping for a powdery lighter color surface on the tippy top but i wont know until i get to it tomorrow. theres also a little surprise at the bottoms of the bars which i wont be able to show you until i get the bars cut. 

 this bar does have fresh pumpkin throughout, but if you know me well enough you know im most comfortable a little off the beaten path and i wanted a black pumpkin bar that smells nothing like pumpkins, spice, or lattes and everything like magic. topped with pepitas and drizzled with shimmery copper, bronze and gold micas. and for the sake of learning something not life changing - lol theres actually a pumpkin called a black kat (spelled with a K) pumpkin.

i also made an unscented pumpkin bar, with goats milk, whole milk, and fresh pumpkin - for those fans of the unscented things, just to give em all something a little special :) 

again, dont think im not going to make cute pink fluffy fun things or candy smelling stuff, i am, lol but also expect a different sort of look, a noticeable mood, and some great new stuff coming out this year. 

im super excited for whats to come and i hope you are too!

until next,