the goodie reward program

we just launched a new way for you to earn rewards - and we love it. 

soo.... yep. we have a new program that makes us giving you rewards fair and easy across the board - for our in store, and online customers. and if you happen to be both online and in store, then you're going to love it. 

if you have a customer account with us, then you already have a reward account. (awesome right?). if you are a bit unsure if you have a customer account with us, its really easy to figure out and if you keep reading you will see why. 

in the top right hand corner of our site ( you can even see it from this page if you scroll to the top of our website) there is a shopping bag symbol. notice to the left, there is also a little person symbol. that is where you go to create an account, log in to an existing account, or see if you made one already or not.

 click here to see your account and rewards, or to create an account.

our website will pretty much guide you from there!

every purchase you make through your customer account in store or online will connect with your account, and you will get rewards instantly. you can save them up, for big rewards, or use the ones you have for smaller ones. its all up to you. once you're ready to claim your reward, log in to your account, redeem them, and you will be given a personal, one time use coupon code that is good for both in store and online.  


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  • How do I get rewards from my recent in store purchase? Sunday December 9, 2018

    Barbara Breedlove

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