thank you!!

Posted by heidi goldberg on

Hi guys, 

i want to take a few minutes tonight to reach out to you all -- to thank all of you! you guys have just been SO amazing. we truly could not ask for better customer/friends! Youve all been so patient and understanding as we roll with all of these changes, and we really just want you to know it means SO much to us!

as you may know we recently rolled out our " in store pick up " option on our website, and as it was completely new to us, we had a lot to learn on the back end of getting those orders fulfilled. today was our first pick up day ( and we thank all of you for being so patient in waiting so long for this day) and we are happy to report that everything went even better than we were anticipating! and thats because of YOU. you guys are so awesome and respectful and although we miss you all so much -- you kept your visits short and safe. we REALLY cant thank you enough for that. we were lucky to have it be so nice out today too -- so the door could be open and you literally didnt have to touch a single thing but the bag that had your name on it :) again, thank you for using this option, for trusting us, and for helping our first day of in store pick ups go start to finish without issue!!

i also want to thank you guys for understanding the product shortages. i know it sucks, it really really does. you may have noticed we pulled some of our smaller sizes for the bars you love, like fij, frenchy, rooibos tea --- and have added them to the website hopefully to hold things over until i can get those soaps made again. 

the great news is, i was able to get enough stuff to make another round of sanitizers (i doubled the qty after how quickly we sold out lol)  and i think i have enough for one more restock on that!  --- i cant wait to hear what you all think of them! I do know however that we are running low on packaging for them, unfortunately. im not sure how many more ill be able to get out --- and sadly, most suppliers arent able to restock bottles until sometime between july-august. yes, seriously. i still search for them almost daily -- hoping to find a miracle. we will for sure keep you updated on all of that. 

I know it seems we are out of so many things, and honestly, we are. but i promise you i am doing everything i can to stock as much as i can as fast as i can. we have a bar coming out in a few weeks that i am slightly obsessed with right now --- its a scrubby bar with tea tree, lavender and peppermint and it is doing everything i need it to do for me. its super cleansing, its invigorating yet calming, its got an amazing lather, i love the scrubby ground loofa, and its gray coloring is that subtle soothing everything that just pulls the bar together for me. so, you can look forward to that in a couple of weeks. it has also inspired me to do a series of bars similar -- so keep an eye out for them in the near future. 

whew, tell you what -all of this madness has made me consider creating an actual pillow spray. lol cause i dont know about you all but when my head hits the pillow lately -- my eyes pop wide open and i just lay there worrying! i have my youngliving " tranquil" roll on sitting on my nightstand, along with my bg lavender spray and my diffuser filled with neroli water, orange and chamomile oil. its this little night time ritual ive started doing and i do believe its helping. im not sure if its the ingredient combo, or the fact that i have to take so many steps to do something nice for myself, but something about it seems to be working! hah

alright guys, thank you again, from all of us, to all of you -- we just want you to know how much we appreciate you! from the feedback you leave us, to the little notes on your orders, the amazing continued support, and your forever forgiveness and understanding, thank you -- thank you for cheering us on as we get through this each day, thank you for being here, thank you for being the very very best customer friends any business could ever be so lucky to have!! you guys are just awesome. hands down the very best and we are SO grateful!!

until next,