some not-so-soapy things

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Hi all...

hopefully the posts were doing are starting to really get you pumped for whats about to go down in two weeks!! i think by now youve probably figured out that we are combining small biz sat with the celebration of our 15 year mark! we did that on our ten year and we are doing it again -- and we are going bigger and better than ever and we couldnt be more excited! 

alright, so tonight i want to show you a couple of the products being released that ARENT soap and tell you a little more about em. 

as i mentioned a few blogs back - i went down some pretty awesome rabbit holes that had nothing to do with reddit ( i know, i know, shocker!) and one of the ingredients i really came to know and love this year is called guaiacwood. ive had a little sample bottle of it for almost 18 years that ive never done anything with. i randomly sniffed it this year and ordered a pound of it that day. i dont know how i overlooked this ingredient for so long. anyhow. its perfect and its especially perfect for this years theme.

its also known as " sacred wood oil".  its one of those resinous oils thats got really interesting and really unique notes.  its a little smokey, its a little honey-sweet, its a touch vanilla/tonka and somehow perfectly balanced with some wood notes mixed in there similar to rosewood or sandalwood. its a really intriguing oil and its nickname, sacred wood oil really, really suits it.

it reminds me of something youd smell on special occasions, ceremonial, meditation..etc.  its soothing and calming, yet earthy and somehow sweet. in perfumery its used to ground, enhance and smooth out sharp notes from other oils. its a really interesting oil that can be used internally and externally, its used in foods, topical products and holistic medicines and has a history with medicine men and apothecaries from way back in the day. if youre curious about the ingredient and its uses i would encourage you to learn more about it.  

anyhow ---- i made a mini whip, called sacred woods. ha. crazy name yeah? lol i wanted to talk about that one especially before its release because so many of the whips and lotions i make are really to please the crowd with their favorites ( like farmhouse and lemon vanilla) but i wanted to make something special this year, something different and unique and this one is definitely that! its a blend of vanilla, myrrh and guaiacwood and i think its incredible. ..... i do encourage you to use the tester when youre in the shop because its one of those oils that gets better the longer its on.  alright ... moving along...

pictured with the sacred woods whip is a new room spray -- if you remember the soap from last year " sacred" i decided to bring it out in a spray this year since i wasnt making the soap again. so.. theres that...


i decided to go old school cool with "sugar plum" i mean does it get any more classic than that really?? prob not, i mean maybe like, ribbon candy but sugar plums, real actual sugar plums are SO cool and all this time i had no idea what they actually were!! i honestly thought they were sugar coated plum pieces.. haha, NOPE turns out they are one of the oldest candies to exist, and for those of you like me who didnt know.... it was actually a seed or nut in the center, a spice seed of some sort, anise, cardamom, coriander etc and then it would take WEEKS of " panning"  they would melt sugar and roll the seed in the molten sugar until it built itself up to a little round candy, known as sugar plums!! how cool is that! anyhow, i want to make them. i just need to find weeks to do it. so until then, i made a sugar plum spray and its sweet and spicy as sugar plums should be!

and last up - i made some mini relaxation whips. for those of you who know and love our relaxation spray --- this is the same scent blend, just put it into some little whips instead! 2 different lavenders and vanilla make up this much loved and very popular blend. thought that might be a nice little whip to gift this year.

alright guys, ill be back soon with more products to talk about!

until next,