so simple, so good

Posted by heidi goldberg on

well... the day is here!

im blogging to announce the official simple soap line

before i list them, i want to thank you all for participating in our polls online and filling out our physical in store poll cards. also, for those of you that told me in person, and txt me personally to let me know your thoughts, i thank you.

disclaimer: the line is subject to change depending on how the sales continue to go on these bars -- to be fair, they havent all been out long enough to truly know just yet, but we think we have a good idea of what may be swapped down the road if anything. 

when i was designing the line, i had categories ( which you might not have really noticed - citrus, mints, earthy, unscented, misc)  and i chose the top two in each category to come up with the official line. i wanted simple ingredient, every day soaps, and to have something for everyone at an affordable price. i do believe this line up offers that and im pretty excited about it. here it is: 


vanilla espresso

orange basil

lime sea salt

tea tree mint

lavender mint

patchouli rose

cedar mint

goats milk an oats

milk chocolate 

close runner ups may come back at the years end --  i will look at the analytics from the bar sales and if anything stands out to me we may put one of those other bars in and retire another as this line is far too new to know for sure, but only time can tell us what truly belongs. 

your favorites: something that REALLY stood out to me was, WOW have i been missing the mark on having a tea tree and lemongrass soaps available for you guys more often. 

my favorite: out of all 16 soaps, goats milk chocolate takes the cake for me, this one is actually my very top pick. theres just something so wonderful about the very subtle, almost unscented just a hint of real chocolate scent. goats milk and chocolate - those two ingredients make for one killer bar. chocolate is REALLY good for your skin. this bar isnt made with cocoa powder, its made with raw, dark organic actual chocolate and the benefits it has for skin are unlike anything else in the entire shop -- . that combined with the goats milk make it such an amazing soap ( and a great facial bar) with a lather like whipped cream! so yeah, its my fav. followed by cedar mint. 

as time goes on, i may tweak a thing or two -- but for the most part whats staying is staying as is and i hope you guys can always find something you love in this every day bar line up, and again, thank you for participating to help us figure out what the line should be!

until next,