on and off the chopping block: sprays and other random products

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shhhhewwwwwww! this is what happens when i get an actual work from home day. alright, heres chopping block blog #3 and final.

this is probably the hardest chopping block i had out of all of them- a lot of the products in this category have been ever changing as it is, and its been a real struggle for me to narrow these products down, as, they arent all necessarily body products, and there are a lot of things that factor in to making the decisions on these particular products.

heres the short list and then i will individually go through the product with you and why i decided what i did. 

bug spray and itch stick

original refresher spray

fur sure dog spray and wag balm

hand sanitizer

amber glass room and body spray

clear plastic body sprays

beard balm

mud mask

copaiba pain relief products

massage bars

alright, so -- the bug spray and itch stick will each be made ONCE per year. i am no longer going to worry about having these two items in stock all year round. i will make them once, and once theyre gone they wont be back until the following year. ( dont worry, ive already made plenty of each this year and we wont be selling out any time soon) 

original refresher spray is staying. ( i cant believe how loyal its following is) however, if sanitizer sales continue to exceed original refresher spray its likely it may leave the line within the next year. 

fur sure dog spray and wag balm- currently there are no plans to make them again. the reason for that, just like the bug products, is these things use ingredients that nothing else in the entire line use... and they dont sell nearly as quick as something like soap does. its something that is not cost effective at all for me to make, its a headache for me to worry about being able to obtain all of the ingredients, and theres usually some throw away from the ingredients i do have to bring in as theres nothing else in the line that uses them, so, anything leftover is just a loss basically.  

if i do decide to make them again, it will be like the bug spray, once per year. but again, as of now there are no plans to continue making these products. although it was a bit of a hard decision for me to make, i have to put myself in check from time to time, and... well, at the end of the day bodygoodies isnt a pet store and i need to streamline things. so , its nixed. 

hand sanitizer: yep, so this one is tricky. initially i had no plans of ever making an actual sanitizer, then covid happened and now i cant imagine my life without OUR sanitizer. trust me i have tried others and frankly i cant stand them. so - something you all might not be aware of is the cost for me to make them. i could cut costs at the expense of my ethics, but well, if you know me you know im not willing to do that. hah. so yeah, organic cane alcohol is by no means cheap, and it costs me about $700 to get 5 gallons of trusted supply. thats a big bullet to bite financially as again, it doesnt sell nearly as fast as something like the soaps do, so the return on that investment is much slower. it sells consistently, but not as quickly. theres also added packaging expense involved, and then add in the expensive essential oils and whew am i out of a lot of cash up front to make this product. i know it sounds like im not going to be making it -- but, i am. its just going to be made at random and i am not going to totally stress out if stock gets low or if i dont have three different available scents. for now, my plan is to make it here and there, and it will be made in whatever scents i happen to have on hand. for example, the " original scent blend" has frankincense and lemon in it, aside from frankincense being rather expensive, that and lemon arent really oils i use it much else around here. so if i dont happen to have extra around, im not going to worry about bringing them in simply to make hand sanitizer, as sanitizers job isnt to smell great, its to work great, and ours will do that no matter what scent it happens to be made in. 

amber glass room and body sprays: currently these are available in relaxation spritz ( lavender vanilla), lime cardamom, basil lemon, sugar snap ( vanilla, peppermint, blue tansy), and we have some spiced up and fall blend i believe hanging around from the holiday season. I have decided to only stock   relaxation spritz year round.  anything else that might happen to come out will be at random, or holiday season. although lime cardamom is my personal favorite, and sugar snap my second, i will just be that much more excited when they finally come back ;) i considered keeping sugar snap too - but with the cost of tansy oil i just couldnt justify putting it in a spray bottle when its much needed for our farmhouse products instead. 

clear plastic body sprays: right, so these are relatively new, coming out for the first time this past holiday season and they seem to be a pretty big hit. i do plan to keep them in stock, but not in any particular scent necessarily....they will rotate somewhat like the solid lotions do. they dont really sell fast enough to worry about keeping multiple kinds in stock, but they are consistent enough to have them stick around, at least for now. so, ill probably keep one or two around for the rest of the year, and i will revisit this decision at the years end so i can have a better idea of how many of them actually sold. its too new for me to decide just yet. 

beard balm: so, ive decided to make this just twice a year. it will be out for fathers day, and it will be out around the holidays. If its sold out in-between those things, im not going to stress about it. its a great product with a loyal following for sure, but again, its just one of those things that isnt at the top of my priority list to worry about having in stock. unless things change, expect this to be around about twice a year.

mud mask: not going anywhere!  cant imagine not having this around. 

copaiba pain relief products: i know i know! they are fantastic and they work. however, they just dont sell fast enough and i dont want to be responsible for someones pain if i dont have ingredients or packaging in stock to make it. like a few other products, this is one that has two ingredients in it that i literally use no where else in the entire line. im not a doctor, i dont want to be a doctor, i like making soap :)

massage bars: these -- hmm as of now theyve gone into the once a year category, specifically for the holidays, but if the demand ends up knocking at my door its possible ill make them more often. 

right - so i think that covers everything -- if theres anything i missed please bring it to my attention so i can address it :)

whew, i have been a bloggin fool today! oh my gosh, and i have one more already typed out about the new bars and pricing but im going to wait to post that so you can just digest everything in these three posts from today, plus, im sure you have dinner to cook or drinks to have or something lol no one wants to read 4 blogs in one day lol

ps, the post image is where i have been all day ....up under that skylight in the top left corner is my little loft office. just felt like sharing part of my life with ya'll ;) if you look closely, you can see willows head coming down the stairs hahhaah dang i just love my doggo girls!

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