on and off the chopping block: solid lotions, serums, body oil, liplove

Posted by heidi goldberg on

lets get this chopping block overwith eh!

serums: against my wishes, i got talked into keeping a product that was actually the first one in my mind to go. hahaa what the heck!

yep....basic serum. its staying. lol 

i guess i never really realized just how many people actually use it, until i let it sell out and not restock it. the amount of people looking for it, calling about it, asking when it will be in stock kinda forced me to change my decision. so, basic and the other two serums are all staying in the line. base, treatment, basic, and now - theyll all be sharing the same packaging. 

solid lotions will not be changing at all. ( aside from the 288 ugly gold tins i accidentally ordered ha omg )  i cant wait until those are gone and they arent even out yet haha! but the lotions and the way i do them will remain the same, always in stock will be: unscented, lavender and patchouli -- there will likely usually be something extra which will be on rotation -- bunny, lemon vanilla, london fog, orange, lavender vanilla... etc.. you get the point. 

if anything, im making the other products follow suit of the lotion pucks - some standard always there, and rotate in some special releases. thats my plan. 

ok so the body oils -- this one was pretty easy for me to narrow down - from now on, what always available will be:

original, farmhouse, whiskey and unscented. 

original i am keeping because it doesnt have a scent that lingers all day like the others do, it just smells nice and clean when you first put it on and for a short while after. i like to smell nice things when im using body products, but i dont necessarily want to smell it all day. the original body oil does that for me, so yeah, its staying.

whiskey and farmhouse are hands down our two most popular scents. so its kind of a no-brainer that they have to stay, they also both have a lingering quality to last on your skin for hours. 

unscented is going to stick around because its a perfect body oil for multiple reasons, 1 - you can add your own scent blends to it 2 - its great for people who want no scent at all but need a moisturizer 3 - just like base, there are no essential oils in it, so its completely safe for babies, or anyone with any specific allergies to certain essential oils. 

this is not to say that the others will never be back, they may be from time to time -- but they wont be something to expect consistently anymore. so, if they do happen to come back at all - luckystar, bulgarian lavender and patchouli vanilla will be limited random releases from here out.

alright, now the liploves -- this one is tricky -- and things may still change. but as of right now these are the plans: lavender will stay, unflavored will stay, and something like  butter cream or sprinkles will always be in stock. these  will be in stock year round as well as possibly a seasonal or special occasion batch, like bunny, something seasonal.. etc. but i wont be keeping 8 different kinds at all times, likely 3-5 and of course, during holiday season we will have multiple kinds available ( i think i usually make 8-10 different kinds during the holidays)

hope this post clears things up, i know ive been on the fence about things for a while now and i thank you for bearing with me as i made some tough decisions.

until next,