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hi everyone..


i finally have a minute to sit down and fill you all in on some things. ive had a pretty crazy couple of weeks and finding time has been hard. in my last post i mentioned that i had some things/changes to tell you all about.. and im hoping to get at least part of that tackled here today.

if youve been following along with our social media - youve probably noticed some of our long time favorites making an appearance. and, well, i guess im missing some of the old soaps i used to make.. so you can expect to see them popping up here and there for a while. monster chunk mint is currently curing, ive just made and cut nakota. low tide, earthquake and bennington are on my production board to be made hopefully soon... and a mudslide bar will be made at some point.

for those of you hoping dig or salt bar will return, im sorry to say those bars contained fragrance oil and sadly will not be coming back. unless i can somehow find a source to get the nag champa smell naturally ( maybe resin powder or something, hmm) no promises but ill look into it. 

something you should probably know is that im also working an overhaul on some of the line up- in my downtime after the holidays i was able to look at some analytics and i see some things that need to change. there are a lot of bars that seem redundant due similarities so i will be working on merging some of the bars to make things a little easier both for you, and for me. maybe ill do a little video or something which can help me explain easier. 

also, quick little bit here - have any of you been using our hand sanitizer as deodorant? i keep noticing more and more spray natural deodorants while im out and about and when i look into them i see they are pretty much our sanitizer ingredients ( some not quite as good, using denatured alcohol or fragrance oil etc) but im curious if any of you have figured out for yourselves that our sanitizer doubles as deodorant? i personally have been using it for years.....  just curious if you guys have too?

ALSO ALSO -- have you guys heard of or already use the app called YUKA? oh  my goodness. my sister told me about it, i downloaded it immediately and have been using it like crazy.... basically its a free app to scan foods and cosmetics and it will spit out a rating from 0/100 to 100/100 and it highlights anything not good in the product and you can click on those things and read in depth details why. super cool easy to use app and i spent way too long in the personal care isle at walmart scanning things the other day! hahah 

ok lets talk about margaret!!

......the rose bar. so, i ended up naming that bar " margaret" and some of you may already have received samples. i went with margaret for a few reasons, one, ive always loved that name, but also because i wanted this bar to be named after a woman worth recognizing from the victorian era as it suited the bar. i stumbled upon a really old school cool lady named margaret fountaine who is best known for her butterfly collection/ personal diaries. she was from back in the late 1800s/early 1900s and i thought id honor her with this bar. 

some of her illustrations.. 

her original journals ...

 a few of her butterfly specimens... 

aside from being just an interesting woman, she has some great quotes that i love, some struggles in love and life, artistic talent both with words and fine arts, a desire for travel and discovery, and a secret she kept that i think is just so totally cool. when she passed she left behind her journals and butterfly studies ( which also contained some amazing artwork) but she request in her will-  that the box containing them be deposited at norwich castle museum in the year of her death and not to be opened until 1978 ( 38 years after her death). upon opening were 10 butterfly cases containing 22,000 specimens and 12 of her personal journals. yeah, i think this lady deserves to be recognized. 

that bar will be coming out on march 1st along with spa bar, in the weeks following - whats currently curing on the racks will be coming out: monster chunk mint, matcha mint, nakota and patchouli rose. 

alright, also... just so you all know the serums in the small bottles will be back soon, my supplier has been out of stock for weeks and weeks and just finally on monday i was able to place an order for those, so, as soon as those and my jojoba arrive ill be filling bottles. 

alright i think thats about it for now... if you have any old favorite bars im forgetting about please feel free to bring them to my attention and if they are essential oil soaps its possible ill get em out for ya!

until next,