october release and a few other things :)

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(heads up, this post is much shorter than the last ;) 

man this month is flying by! I have just 31 little days left to get the rest of my soap for the entire season made. so so crazy. I cant believe I am blogging about our October release already, I feel like I just made it through the last holiday season. and barely.

so.. as you know -this year I decided to dedicate two entire months to soap making and only soap making, in preparation for this coming fall release launch. and if you read my last blog post you'll already know that I am super stoked at the progress ive made since I made that decision. the soaps have had my total focus, and focus is my friend. so, because I have been so focused, I have so many amazing bars to release, and this year for October --- we are releasing 4 brand new bars. yeh!! right?!?! not one or two, but FOUR!! yeeeeehawhoot!

ahem, ummmm......which leads me to one of the " other things" in the blog title, the wine soaps. yeah theres no other way to say it than to just say it soooo.... - we aren't doing wine soaps this year. sorry!! im telling you the demand for those bars is intense -- people have been calling and writing in asking us when they will be released and unfortunately even though it was a natural blend, the oil that made the wine soap smell so amazing is technically a fragrance oil --- and well, we aren't using those anymore. so, im sorry to deliver that news, but, just want to get that out there to you as we typically release them in October, and I didn't want you guys getting your hopes up. 

alright, now back to the October bars we ARE releasing -- they will make their way to the shop for purchase starting saturday October 5th ( also, if all goes well, we have a very special guest appearance planned) and we will most likely be serving some sort of fall related drink as usual. so, mark your calendars and get ready to get your hands on some amazing new bars of soap!

the soap options available this year, and the amount of the everything that ive made, is like nothing ive ever done before. i.cannot.wait. ( and even though I am cranking out hundreds and hundreds of pounds of it a week, maddi just keeps telling me I still don't have enough :D hahaaa!!! shes brutal, im tellin ya!

alright guys, I think that's all for now! 

until next.