new bars and some thoughts

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got a couple of new soaps curing and a couple things to cover tonight. gonna try not to get too carried away in my thoughts here, but fair warning... i have many, all day, every day, it never stops.lol

alright so the first thing i want to go over tonight  -- i have a couple of bars picked out from the first release that i am 99.9 % sure are going to stick around. im not going to disclose them however, because i am still interested in your feedback. your opinions really matter in this lineup. please share your thoughts as you continue to use the new soaps!

anywho, since i have a few bars picked out, i decided to go ahead and make a couple more batches of those bars, and because ive done that, i decided it was ok to take away from what little stock we have to list a few of the new soaps out for testing online. so, for you far away fans- snag em up quick if you think you want to try them because its a pretty tiny stash. 

next, lets go over a few more of the potential bars coming! in the last two weeks i worked on a few more bar ideas -- and one of them i already know is a gonner, haha i made a choc-mint bar and i cant stand it. lol  dont even get excited about it because its not staying, but its tester batch will be here anyhow haha.. the bar was supposed to be matcha mint, and i couldnt find my matcha and i was running out of time to get the batch made, on top of a family emergency going on and i just had to turn the soap into something- fast, so its a stupid white bar with a cocoa swirl and i hate so much as looking at it HAHAH

-harsh, maybe, but its honest. lol

i also made porridge, which you may remember from being here before, and i do think this bar may have a place in the line, we will just have to see what seems to sell most out of the uscented bars i bring out. I also made a lime sea salt bar.. the patchouli rose soap and the milk & chocolate bar i cut today. photographed below is lime sea salt, milk chocolate, porridge, patchouli rose and the choc mint bar. I have to admit, i really like the new cut over the other style, you can see i cut patchouli rose and choc mint in the old cut and i just dont like them as much. 

today, i made a cedar + spearmint bar, an orange and goats milk bar, and a eucalyptus bar. cant wait to get up to unmold and cut those tomorrow!

ok so we have 16 soaps currently that im hoping to narrow down to about 8 that we keep in stock all year round. nothing will be set in stone as things are always bound to change, especially working with natural ingredients... but im going to do my best to keep things consistent. granted, we may pick out a line and three months in realize one of the bars really isnt holding its own with the others and we may swap it for something else. but, we have to start somewhere!

another thing i want to cover is something ive been thinking about quite a bit since this whole project started, what the heck am i going to do with all the waste cuts and end pieces? well... couple things to say about that --  ive finally figured out the cuts and the cutters and have it down to the least amount of waste possible. also, you may have seen the bar i made out of using the waste cuts and that bar turned out pretty fun, so i think its something im going to continue to make. in fact, ive had enough pieces of scrap soap to make another whole batch already! so yeah, more than likely that fun bar will be sticking around -- and im probably going to call it " whats poppin" because its always going to be a little bit different, and well, it just screams 80s pop when you look at it. haha.

also, im not 100% sure yet but i think ive come up with a pretty fun idea for the end cuts. each batch will have a total of 7 end pieces which end up just a tad smaller than the regular bars, same great soap, just an end piece. so rather than cutting them up for whats poppin bars, ( because if i did that id have to make a whats poppin batch like every other day lol ) so i thought what if we call them " all good things come to an end" bars and have them available in store for a little bit of a discount in a bin with all the other ends. they wont be individually labelled, but rather, in a paper wrap or bag kinda like a deli would do, and we will simply write which bar is in there. im kinda loving this idea right now. what you all think about that?

alright guys, i think thats about it for this update! as always, please share any thoughts/feedback, suggestions or questions you may have in the FB post!

until next,