more details on our holiday plans...

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Hi guys!

if youve ever been to a small business saturday event at bodygoodies, you know its the biggest day of the year, we release all sorts of soaps and products and have all sorts going on. however, due to covid and the late date for small business saturday this year -- we have officially decided to change our holiday releasing as we have known it for so long.

i know i touched base on this with you all in my last blog post, so im back to officially state that we are in fact going to be releasing limited holiday soaps and new products every month for the rest of the year. 

the good news is -- because of covid and limited hours and how we are currently having to operate, we wont be keeping secrets from you this year!! you are going to be seeing all sorts of behind the scenes stuff as we make things, you are going to be hearing from me and maddi a lot on our social media as we talk about the products coming out so you guys have a really good idea of whats coming, especially since we have to do this month to month..... and we hope you will engage us on our posts and ask questions about what we post so we can really explain what you want to know about the product!

this whole holiday overhaul is proving to be incredibly tricky for me... for a couple of reasons which ill explain. .. my plans arent going as planned because i cant get certain ingredients in :/ basically im in a position where i am just making anything i CAN make thats on my holiday list.  i had certain bars i wanted to release in october that i cant, because i still cant make them, and i had some bars planned for november that are coming out in october because i COULD make those ones lol.. the other hard part -- is normally i take the end of august through october to make ALL soap. only soap, which would allow me to focus and allow the soap the cure time it needed before the november release, and then, after all my soap was made, i could work on the other products like sprays, scrubs, pucks etc... because they dont have to cure and i can whip out batch after batch to get stocked up for our release. however, that cant happen this year. so, production has been incredibly difficult for me -- having so many things going on at once... not being able to focus on soap only, having to set up and clean up shop for different product production is a mare. its been tough. ill say that much.

it.would.be.nice.if.i.could.get.patchouli.oil. ://////// ive been back ordered on patchouli for over two months now... im about to lose my mind over this lol 

but.. we are plugging along, we are going to get through this, and its a real good thing that i work best under pressure. :D i will say, what ive made so far, i am totally loving, and i cant wait to start releasing them!! we dont have exact release dates yet... but we will be updating you on that information as soon as we've got it all ironed out. 

until then... enjoy that little sneak peek pic of the nougat bar ;) ps, if you think the top looks cool.... just wait till you see the inside! 

please feel free to ask any questions regarding our holiday plans that you can think of and i will do my best to answer them! ( comment on the facebook post, as for some reason i cannot seem to respond to the blog comments lol, surely its pilot error) 

and...thank you for bearing with us through all of this!! we appreciate you all SO MUCH!

until next,