new bar coming soon!

Posted by bg staff on

we have a new bar coming out! if you've been around for a while, think back to lemon mudslide... but instead of lemon, lime...

meet keylime mudslide! 


walking around the store the other day, we realized that there were no citrus or fruity soaps... and we just can't have that -  am i right citrus lovers? so yesterday, i came into work - my mom and i were talking about ideas...and just like that, i was going to the store for some limes! 

not only does this bar have the perfect balance of tart + refreshing lime, but of course, its packed full of goodness! keylime mudslide has chunks of lime, the pulp, the juice - everything but the seeds. it has moor mud, a little dead sea salt, and key lime essential oil. 

keep an eye out for this bar within the next month or two! it will be here soon!