IYKYK ( shower lotions)

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Hi all!

figured it was about time i finally get to a blog post about the shower lotions, especially since we have so many different kinds out this year! for those who already use them : you already know how awesome they are! For those who are new to them, gifting them, or are not too sure what to think about them --this blog will hopefully answer some questions you may have about them.

this year we have: 

butter creams in : lavender chamomile, patchouli, vanilla milk and honey, maple, and hot chocolate.  ( mini butter creams in lemon vanilla, maple, milk and honey and relaxation)

lavender chamomile and hot chocolate pictured below

milk and honey exfoliating bars in: orange chocolate, lemon vanilla, lavender milk, original milk and honey, chocolate milk, we had chai too but i believe those are sold out now. 

so, what are they? well... if you imagine taking frosting into the shower with you thats pretty much it. its lotion that gets applied in the shower. and they are pretty awesome. 

as i headed into my season i knew early on that i was going to do multiple kinds of butter creams and exfoliating milk and honey bars.

i also made some mini butter creams -- which are a nice way to introduce someone to the product if you are gifting it, and personally i love keeping a mini one at my kitchen sink for after i wash my hands. its a must have for me.

we sold out of the mini butter creams i had made for small business saturday so over the last two days i made a couple more batches and ill probably be making a few more this week. the ones i made yesterday are " relaxation" - the same scent as our spray, two different types of lavender and madagascar vanilla. prior to that batch i made some plain milk and honey which is just a nice, light, creamy vanilla scent. they really do smell like frosting.

there are multiple ways to use your butter creams and your milk and honey bars -- but before i get into that *please use caution* when using this product. its basically a stick of butter going into your shower -- and yes it will be slippery!! 

my personal favorite way to use it -- is the last thing i do in my shower, i stand out of the water, pick up the lotion bar and let some of the butters melt onto my hands and just doing that gets enough on my hands to lotion up head to toe! sometimes i get back under the water to rinse and melt it further into my skin ( like if its a chocolate one so it doesnt turn my white towels brown lol ) other times i just massage it into my skin and pat dry with my towel when my shower is done. 

if you prefer a bath you can hold the bar in your bath water for a few seconds to allow some to melt into the bath water, or also break a chunk off and use it as a bath melt, you can also use the sugary milk and honey ones as exfoliating scrub bars - although you will use the product faster by doing so. 

you can use the buttercreams or the milk and honey bars directly on your skin as well just as you would a bar of soap, but dont expect lather - do expect to be VERY lotioned up and although they do all have milk in them.... the butter creams do not have exfoliating sugar throughout.

another shower/bath lotion we make are the whipped sugar scrubs ... i finally got those  made today after a long wait for some lids!!

if you recall last year i made one called sugar snap? this is that same sort of scrub, but todays batch i made in plain lavender and it is heavenly. i also decided to top it off with some of the lavender i grew this year.  these scrubs, are a lot like the milk and honey bars although some different ingredients, and no milk, they also are made to be used in the shower/bath however, could also be used outside of that -- but if you do that, just be prepared to brush off some sugar bits and sweep them up later ;) these were a new product last year and have generated a bit of a buzz so i decided to bring em back for a bit.

i will be making more over the next few days/week... and its possible ill make some in different scents. 

if you have any questions about the milk and honey bars or any scent suggestions for the whipped scrubs please feel free to drop them in the comments on this post!

until next,