ive got some updating to do!

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its been a minute and ive got some things to tell you about!

i wanna chat about some of the stuff coming out, and some of the things that have recently come out, and some of the plans for our 4th quarter / holiday season. however, i dont want this to be that long so im gonna try to make things real quick.

alright, so - we have some new samples going out .... some of you have probably already received them! we have three soaps that will be released next month and let me tell you whats so special about them!

well, aside from looking cool and smelling fantastic.... they all have REAL crushed GEMSTONE powder in them - thats right, real amethyst, real rose quartz, and real moonstone. allow me to introduce the bars!

first up - amethyst. scent blend is a lot like silent night, chamomile, vetiver lavender, clary sage...its really soothing. this is the kind of soap i want to use after a long day to help me relax at night. 

next up: rose quartz - i LOVE the scent on this one  -- it got better and better as it cured too. scent blend is ( 2 different) lavender, jasmine, peppermint. i love the gold mica veins throughout this one. you cant really see them in the photo but in person, especially while in use, they really pop.

last up: moonstone. this is prob my favorite of the three just because of the tops lol it was the last one i made when i decided to make the tops look like little pieces of crystal - if i make the bars again someday i will be doing all of the tops like this one. scent blend is lime, cardamom, petitgrain. 

the reason these soaps came to be -- in my apothecary/medieval/history research for the season, something that stood out to me is how much respect was given to the power of gemstone for their natural mineral properties. so why on earth would i not make soap with them!! of course i would. 

one of the things i read aside from them being available in apothecaries, or in peoples " wonder rooms" was that people would actually place crystals in their bath to absorb the gemstone qualities. so cool. looks like ill be starting a rock collection soon!! i love that idea so much!

alright, so keep an eye out for samples of these soaps and as always they are available to stop and sniff in the shop at the counter before they release.

ok and real quick - i want to touch base on the new and limited products for the 4th quarter. 

as you may have noticed a bunch of them are being released now - i just want to let you know that the things coming out now might not be coming back once they run out. some may, but some may not. so, just want to make sure to reiterate that my plans this year are a little bit different than the past few years. i will most definitely have things that continue to roll out throughout the season and on small business saturday - but lets take dream weaver or black kat for example -- those things cannot be remade this year. i am out of some of the ingredients it takes to make those things, and they will not be back this year, once they are gone they are gone. so, heads up on that. where normally i will make hundreds and hundreds of the same scent/product to ensure it will last all the way through to our close date in december -- this year i am switching it up and releasing less of the same exact product but more variety and just producing new stuff as the weeks pass. i kinda like this switch up - its a nice change for me in production. a little more chaos, but, i guess i like chaos.

alright and speaking of doing things different this year -- i cannot even put into words how excited i am getting for small biz saturday this year!! GAHHHHH alright so, doing things different. i am switching it UUUPPPPP 

this year i am keeping secrets again ( like i used to years ago). i have some soaps, some special product, some new scents of a few things and i am not talking about em lol  i mean, even the girls at work dont know about some of what im working on.  but they do know about a few of my surprises and i think they are as excited as me!! as excited as i am and as much as i want to talk about them... ive decided that we will not spill the beans until right before small biz sat.

i am SO excited for this season this year. i promise you dont want to miss it!!

ill be back soon with more 

until next,