ive got some news.... and its not all good.

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right... as the title says.. 

lets just skip to the bad news and get it overwith. 

as you know from my last post i was going to add a eucalyptus bar to the potential simple soap line, and even though its a success as far as a well made soap goes, unfortunately i have a very apparent allergy to eucalyptus and it took me making this bar to figure that out. who'd have known, after all these years? i never suspected it, but looking back i suppose it was pretty obvious, i was just oblivious. 

i guess it makes sense though, i mean, i never really seek to make eucalyptus soaps, no real reason why, and any time i do work with it, its in minimal amounts and also in blends. but the last time i made soap with eucalyptus leaves on top i just couldnt stop sneezing!! i thought i just must have huffed a little piece of dried leaf particles in or something -- but after making this bar, theres no question i have a legit allergy, as i wasnt only sneezing, but my entire respiratory system had a meltdown. i couldnt breathe for days, asthma symptoms like i was around cats and bad perfume. yikes! 

so, if youre a eucalyptus fan, and youre looking forward to a eucalyptus bar, lol you better snag these up when they are released because i can say with 100% certainty they wont be back. thats not to say ill never use eucalyptus in anything ever again, because i will, i just wont ever be making a 100% eucalytpus soap again lol

alright -- lets get to the good news. 

so i squeezed in ONE more potential simple soap --lemon mint. i had to do it, it was on my mind and i needed to make it real. so out of the citrus bar choices we now have -- orange basil, lemon mint, lime sea salt and orange milk. some tough choices there! narrowing these down is going to be difficult and i am relying on all of you to make these choices!

i keep saying -- these bars arent about me - they arent what heidi wants to make, theyre what i want you to have. i want you to have what you want most. so once all of these bars are out we will be doing some polls, and i will be paying close attention to your feedback all along as these roll out, im also paying attention to whats selling fastest, whats being asked for, whats being requested back already.

a couple of the new bars that are being released in part 2 of the roll out sure do have me feeling some kinda way! but again, its not about me, but if it was... lol these would be my current picks!! ( along with patchouli rose ooof and rosemary mint is up there for me too) 

top left - milk chocolate, top right- cedar mint, bottom left- lemon mint, bottom right- lavender mint

( top left- milk chocolate, top right - cedar mint, bottom left - lemon mint, bottom right- lavender mint)

One of the bars that will be part of the second roll out is the milk and chocolate bar. whoa am i obsessing over that one. i started using that bar the day after it was made lol ( technically its ph and attributes arent fully developed until 2 weeks but i couldnt wait) and i dont know what it is about that bar, but i cant get enough of it. i really, really love that one. same with the cedar mint bar. really excited to get these bars out for testing in a couple weeks. 

there are 4 bars currently in my shower - and every time i use one, i end up using them all. lol like, wait do i still love this one? yep, howbout this one? yep. one good thing is its making counting how many times i use each bar easier if i use all of them every time!!(  im trying to get an accurate count of about how many uses one bar of the new bar cut will last lol )

alright guys, im off to chip away at some ingredient ordering... as always, any questions or comments, drop em in the facebook post! Oh.. and we cut patchouli rose samples today, soooooooo if you happen to stop in the shop or order online, thats whats going out this week! 

until next,