its that time again!

Posted by heidi goldberg on

i cant believe i am doing what im doing right now...

ive spent the day breaking down my holiday production schedule month by month, placed some initial orders to start getting my packaging supplies and ingredients in.... tomorrow i have an order pick up, and this week things should start arriving. 

which means...

next week my 2023 holiday production begins. this is crazy. where does the time even go?

i took a break this week .yep, sure did!  shut the whole shop down to have a minute to breathe before the madness begins. i need time to get my bearings for the season headed my way - some solid time to plan and order and get my ducks in a row. i also found some time to finally harvest my herbs and lavenders to start the drying process on those and plan to use them this season for a couple of things im kinda excited about. whew - i have SO MUCH lavender!! i planted three plants out front last year and never ever expected the kind of plants i had this year! it took me hours to cut just two of them, and the third plant...i left for my little hummingbird friend. i didnt have the heart to take his favorite treat away, besides, i had more lavender than i needed already. 

as i get ready on the production side of things, we also need to prepare the retail side of things - so this year -- ive decided to have a little fun with making room in the shop. we are going to be doing "xmas in july" sale, which, if it goes over well, could become an annual thing. we'll see how it goes. since we will only be offering the sale in store, we did a free shipping promo through our website for this past entire week!! that ends tonight at midnight. 

as for the holiday season coming -- im planning to switch things up this year. taking the state of the economy into account, instead of holding big releases every month... we're going to be releasing things as they are made. I figure this way, instead of having to drop so much $ all at once on one day, it allows you time to slowly purchase things for your gift giving season. times are tough, i know a lot of people are struggling, heck, i saw a watermelon for sale today for 10.99..... i could hardly believe it. so taking things like that into consideration - i think the best way for me to release our 4th quarter limited items is just letting them trickle out as theyre made. 

of course we will still be doing something big and special for small business saturday as usual! just wouldnt be the same without that crazy awesome day. 

anyhow, ill keep you posted on whats going to be released as we move into august. i do have some oldie but goodie stuff in my plans, and some new stuff too. and before you ask, ill just tell you now.. yes, whips will be back ;)

until next,