gotta love gradient bars!

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this year i decided to do three soaps that are all made with ingredients you’d normally drink and do them all in the same gradient layer design, all with tiny specs of sparkling sugar on top. 

this week the matcha oat milk bar comes out, late september the other two get released. so what are the other two? i dont know their official label names yet but they are made with cardamom orange juice and maple sweet cream cold brew. the only difference in the base of them is the coffee bar has tons of cocoa butter, the orange bar has a little cocoa butter, the matcha has none. i have my reasons for that but i just dont feel like being nerdy right now hahah 

they also all have different milks in them. the matcha bar has oat milk, the orange bar has coconut milk and the coffee bar has goats milk. they are all smooth bars with no exfoliants ( aside from the tiny bit of sugar on top that will melt away with its first use).

the orange bar is made with fresh orange juice. a lot of it. and orange juice makes for a suuuuuper nice lather. its scent blend is orange, lemon and cardamom. i was not expecting to like this bar as much as i do, as im not much of a citrus soap fan but man this is a nice one. the coconut milk and cocoa butter are definitely noticeable in the lather and im really diggin this bar. in fact ive never made an orange cardamom bar before, and now its making me want to make orange cardamom foodie things. ;) 

the maple sweet cream coffee bar is made with a ton of REEEEAAALLLY strong coffee, tons of cocoa butter, maple, and goats milk. the scent blend partly comes from the base ingredients, but also from vanilla, maple and cassia. all together it rounds out to be a chai like scent with chocolate coffee notes at the heart. its quite possibly my favorite coffee bar ive ever made. 

ive always loved gradient layered bars, and was definitely looking forward to making these ones, it was also with intent of them all looking really nice together. that said, i suppose now is the time for me to break some news to ya. 

a few blogs back i mentioned that ill be doing things a little different this year. such as not holding big release days once a month, but rather release things as i get them made - which is turning out so far to be a pretty popular decision. something else that is very different is, the amount of each bar that im making. 

normally for the 4th quarter soaps i make three to four hundred of each kind to be sure they last into December. This year I’m only making 100-200 of each kind other than the soaps that i know for sure we will need more of such as pizzelle, noel, etc. 

im releasing things as i get them made to allow you all time to purchase what you like or want to give as gifts at a slower pace rather than having to spend large amounts of cash all on one day. and although this is financially helpful, i do feel i need to let you know there is not as much of everything being made, so, dont expect all of the bars to be around in december basically. lol if there’s a release you think you want, either for yourself or for a gift… I’d suggest getting it before December. 

im switching things up this year. I’m not making all of the bars we normally do. Dirty chai won’t be here, nor will yulescrub, peppermint bark, dad bod, beers and bonfires.. it’s time for some fresh new soaps and to give these guys a break. They’ll be back eventually, just not this year. 

other things made may sell out but will possibly be remade, such as whips, sprays, body oils, etc. and ive got a few things im going to just stay hush on until small business saturday, as, i have to keep that day magical aside from just sales, so ill be releasing a couple special products no one will know about until that day. 

alright, i think thats about all for this post. i will be back soon to chat about 3 more new soaps and the new solid scents coming out!

until next,