good news, and bad news.

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im not gonna lie, this post is going to suck as we get started here - it will get better. but fair warning. its going to suck in the beginning.

ive got some big bad news to share. but i have to share it. im facing a major issue with one of the main ingredients i use to make your soap. olive oil export is in a real pickle right now. yes, olive oil. the first ingredient on every single one of your soap labels. why is it first? because its the oil in the largest amount in your soap. 

when i prepped my holiday soaps this year i placed a big order with enough oils to get everything made in my holiday soap plans which all needed made by the 25th October, .. knowing after those were made and cured id have the month of November to get a big batch of crud and our other staple soaps made and have them cured in time for December. problem is, when i went to order oils about 2 weeks ago to make those staple batches, olive was out of stock.... its still out of stock. i noticed a bulletin on one of my suppliers sites which im going to share here with you all rather than write it all out... so, here you go.

now, it says import should improve after november 1st but as of today its not showing as available. and yes, i know i know... " just go to sams club" heres the problem with something like that -- one, im incredibly particular where i get my ingredients from. and 2, sams club doesnt sell hundred pound containers of olive oil and i need about 400 lbs of it to get my batches made that need made.

so where does this all leave things? well..... not to scare you, but i do have to tell you that we may be running out of crud. we may be running out of spa bar, fij, some of the simple line soaps - and theres nothing i can do about it other than change my recipe which im really not willing to do at this point unless push comes to shove and im forced to. the other option, is to pay through the absolute nose for small sized containers of it which would all but triple your already expensive soaps which again, im just not willing to do, id change my recipe before id do that. 

let me be clear here - we will likely run out of crud before next year unless i can find a way to get some olive oil from a trusted supplier from my list of suppliers. i will do everything i can to get my hands on olive oil in time to not run out of your favorite soaps, however with the minimum cure time once the soap is made im fearful it wont happen. even if it becomes available to order by next week, then it has to ship, then i have to measure and make, then cut and stamp, and with a minimum 4 week cure - thats going to push us into mid december. 

i hope you understand this is out of my control, but also understand i will do everything i can do get crud and the other staples made asap. i just felt it was only fair to give you all a heads up that there is a possibility that we will be sold out for an unknown length of time. 

alright, so that sucks, lets talk about something good now!

so, as you know inflation and the state of the economy has been weighing heavy on my mind throughout this entire year. doing whatever i can to keep costs down for you all and not go out of business in the process. i decided to bring in some half sized containers for both our treatment serum, and our base serum! and i am so happy to offer them at half the size for half the price! base has never been offered in a smaller size so im really excited to make that available! now - for those of you that use both serums, you can have them both for the price of one full bottle! 

ive been busting hard trying to get all of the products made that i had to let fall to the wayside as my 4th quarter soaps were being made, im happy to announce im almost done!! body oils done, milk and honey bars done, butter creams done, whips done, serums done, chapsticks done, sanitizers and room sprays done, ive got pucks yet to make but im waiting on olive oil for those! oh my, i may be burning the midnight oil depending on when that finally comes in!

o.m.g. we are getting here fast!!  actually, i have so much to fill you in on that i think im just going to do a separate blog post about that!

will be back soon for an update on all of that crazy awesome fun stuff!

until next,