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its almost time! omg.

ive only got a few days left to prepare everything thats about to make this sbs so freaking fun and amazing!

..... its year 15. and i decided to run with that number. soooooo .....we are going to be passing out FIFTEEN gift packs from the time we open until the time we close. thats right, 15. not one, like we usually do with a drawing at the end of the day, but IN STORE we are giving away 15 gift packs. now, im not telling you HOW the winners are selected, but i can tell you - we have a list which has a designated gift for each thing. how fun is that?

something else we are doing this year that is different than all other years, is ASIDE from the 15 gift packs we are giving away, we are doing an actual drawing with actual tickets -- the winner of that drawing wins a $100 gift card for bodygoodies. yeh!!

now, there will be MULTIPLE ways to earn tickets, here is ONE example. i will be doing a follow up blog in the next few days listing each and every way to earn them!

ex: 1. find one of 15 " golden tickets" throughout the store ( only one ) if you find more than one do something kind and pass it on to the person next to you or let someone else find it on their own. and PLEASE for the love of god dont dismantle the soap piles i PROMISE you i am not hiding the tickets anywhere in the soap, they will be clearly visible throughout the store!! lol

also, this year each staff member will be wearing the same snazzy hoodie with the word " STAFF" on the back.. kinda like the drawing below but purple and professionally done HA!

so please locate a staff member for any tickets earned! ( again, i will be going over this in greater detail in the next few days) we also will have a designated area for the raffle - if you have trouble locating a staff member someone will be at the raffle station to hand you your ticket(s).

hmm what else we've got going on -- you ALL get a " you rock" goodie bag and there is something special in there that i made for you and when you see what they are lol.... youll probably think i should get certified insane. the AMOUNT of these and the time it took was ridiculous, lol but i was on a mission. and not only did i make them for your goodie bags, but i made hundreds of full sized versions that will be for sale. yeah, i dont even know what i was thinking. this time of year i get a lil whacked out from not enough sleep and too much coffee and i dont know how to slow down. until, well, my hands dont work anymore lol 

i couldnt put my socks on yesterday because my elbows and hands hurt so bad from making all of these hahah! i just HOPE i made enough. thats the worst part -- i have no way to know just how many people will come through those doors, so i do have a back up plan if we run out.

alright whats next...

online stock: the whips, butter creams and milk and honey bars will not be listed online until december. unfortunately we just have to wait until it gets a little colder outside before those can ship safe. 

all of the new bars being released will also be available online-  full size and mini bars. ( mini bars in blog photo, candy cane, hot chocolate, yulescrub, grinch, black/white bar ) the mini nonpareil bars will only be sold in a pack of three, in a separate listing. 

this week and next week leading up to sbs we will be posting every single product being released. Aaaaaand this friday i am going to reveal one of 2 soaps you still dont know about.... next friday we will reveal the final one!  

once all of the products are revealed, we will post the specials for the day! and even still, there will probably be a few surprises once you make it to the shop! absolutely cannot wait!  

until next,