deets and surprises

Posted by heidi goldberg on

well, i made a grinch bar.

:D and im ready to let you know about it.  we are just over two weeks away from sbs and i think i have some unveiling to do! initially i was planning to keep this bar, and three others total secret from you all, as well as some product that isnt soap, but the closer we get to the day - the more i realize how many of you will be coming out and ive decided to tell you about all but one thing coming out. that one thing, ill be keeping a secret until right before SBS.

i realized i can still have fun and surprise you with things you CANT buy instead :) and i am definitely going to be doing that!! i.cant.wait.omg. 

with the amazing crowd you all bring, i realized it may be hard to see everything that actually gets released in the store - so if i let you know pretty much everything coming out, then you can sort of come in on a mission to find certain things youre interested in and hopefully make that a little easier for you. 

alright---- so, whats seedy, salty and a little abrasive?  the grinch!

grinch bar is super refreshing! lemon, lime, basil and peppermint. a little bit abrasive from ground loofa, topped with tiny bits of black salt and cranberry seeds ---- and the hearts, awww....  his little hearts are all hand carved, hand painted with mica, no two are the same… all unique by yours truly ;)  i adore these bars and hope you all love them too!

alright, something else to have a heads up on -- the MINI nonpareil bars will be SOLD AS A SET ONLY - all three bars will come packaged together. the large full size bars will be sold individually. all other mini soaps will be sold individually. 

this is another bar coming -- i dont think ive posted about it yet but it was not one of the ones i planned to keep hush. its a lavender bar, the moon is pine and peppermint. its a fun little whimsy lavender bar that i just felt like we needed :) so much seasonal stuff coming, i needed a lavender break!!

this is something else i wanted to give you a heads up on --- we have multiple kinds of butter creams and milk and honey bars coming out. i will start posting about the different scents as the days go by.... so keep an eye out for those.. but i wanted to show you the difference in size vs price so you have a heads up when you come in shopping! no matter if its a butter cream or milk and honey bar, the shape/weight is determining the price  .... squares are 10, oval is 12, rectangle is 14. hopefully that makes this easier for you! cant wait to show you all the scents coming out!! 

alright and lastly, i want to just remind you guys about something i mentioned earlier in the season.... please keep in mind that this year, i did not make as much of each kind of thing i made, but made multiple kinds of things! so if you see me or maddi post something that you know you definitely want, i would be sure to get in ASAP to get it as certain products will be in incredibly limited amounts! 

alright, we are working on the final touches ( well, lol im still making product but would it be a normal holiday season if i wasnt up until the last minute?) haha ... anyhow, we are working on getting our list together of all of the special goings on for the big day and as we get nearer we will be sharing some of those things with you too!! 

ill be back with another update soon!

until next,