BUG SPRAY IS BACK!!! please read, its changed just a bit!

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**** please please read this part ****

I had to tweak the bug spray recipe. Just a TINY bit-- in fact, im not even sure you will notice at all …. But due to limited packaging and ingredient supply, i decided to take one ONE very special ingredient from our ticked off repellent and add it to the bug spray, and im sorry to announce our ticked off repellent will not be in production this year. Now, like i said, i highly doubt you will even notice the ever so slight difference in scent in the new bug spray, but i decided it was best to put in the lemon eucalyptus from our ticked off as it is such a crucial ingredient and only serves to benefit the bug spray. If anything, bug spray just got better..our bug spray is made to WORK good at keeping bugs away from you... and lemon eucalyptus is awesome at doing that So, i added it. ;)

Our bug spray is made with a base of alcohol free witch hazel ( i specifically use alcohol free because it is safe for pets, and way more mild to your skin than witch hazel that contains alcohol) and because it is a natural astringent, skin soother, anti inflammatory along with a host of other benefits…. and its the perfect delivery system for the essential oils that keep the bugs away. Witch hazel combined with castor oil, and distilled water make up the gentle base of the bug spray, which carry these essential oils to your skin: patchouli, cedarwood, lemon, lavender, geranium, spearmint, eucalyptus, cajeput and lemon eucalyptus. Thats it guys. That is our bug spray. Its always had great feedback since its debut years ago -- from how it smells to how it works and how it feels on your skin. 


 *** the not so important part lol***

Soooooo…. If youve been following along with the blog posts, youll know already that getting my hands on packaging and ingredients have been a nightmare. However, it hasnt stopped me from scouring my supplier websites 3-4 times a week hoping by some miracle to find some bottles--- and more importantly, the nozzles. Ive seen random small amounts of bottles here and there, but most bottles we normally use wont be restocked until sept/oct/nov and  the nozzles have said “ out of stock “ and wont be restocked until next spring! 

All the bottles, basically anything safe for storing essential oils, that wasnt glass. Argh. its been incredibly frustrating for me since i know you guys want your bug spray!  So…… the bottles have also changed.

As i was considering having to purchase glass, ( i really didnt want the bug spray in glass though because i know so many of you tote that around - camping, on walks, outdoors -- and glass just isnt the best option there) i happened upon some bottles wednesday night -- from one of my amazing suppliers who actually stopped selling to anyone who wasnt already one of their customers, and even went as far as to put the disclaimer on their website. So, basically, giving first dibs on anything they could get their hands on for us, to the loyal customers of theirs. Freaking. Awesome. I love these guys!

Not only did they have some bottles ( only one kind and only in one size lol but ILL TAKE IT... 2oz natural HDPE plastic, the amber 4oz i happened to have a few left over of so i filled those with bug spray as well) they also had nozzles!! And guess what -- they arrived today! I mean, i cant even begin to tell  you how relieved i am to be able to have anything that even resembles a bottle to put this stuff in so i can finally get your bug sprays out to you! Soooooooooo many emails, calls, etc from you all asking about them, and i am just so happy to have them for you guys.

 We have them available in 2 oz natural bottles ( which equates to about 400 sprays)

And 4 oz amber bottles ( which equates to about 800 sprays)  

The shelf life on the product is 2 years , but can be much longer than that if it is kept in a cool, dark area when not in season. 

they are already stocked for sale the website, so yes, you can purchase it now .... (just have to get maddi to update the photo for the new round before we officially promote it on social media ;) 

Happy to have more good news to report and hopefully ill be back with even more soon!

Until next,