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Hi guys, 


alright, so you may have watched our little video we posted about the many ways to make and use our laundry soap - but there was some information we felt would be nice to have in writing for you to refer to when needed - and a blog post is perfect for that.

so, recap of the vid ( not including maddis little mess lol) 

bg laundry soap is soap - made from botanical oils, lye, and water. when lye and water mix with oil it chemically changes into soap. there are no added chemicals, fragrances, or dyes in our laundry soap. it is very gentle, and safe for you and your washing machine! ( yes, even HE, in fact, its GREAT for HE).

you can make your laundry soap thin, or thick, it depends on how much soap you use with how much water you put in. the more soap, the thicker it will be. etc etc.

sometimes if youve added - more soap than water available to absorb it, you will see solid bits of soap at the bottom of your laundry soap container - that is perfectly ok! when that happens, once you have some room for more water, simply add more water. the soap will eventually dissolve. no harm in having them at the bottom of your jar, even if they accidentally make their way into your washer, its perfectly ok!

so, here are some measurements for you to use as a starting point, and as you become familiar with bg laundry soap - you will figure out what method you prefer best. 

if youve made thin soap -

regular washer : 1/4 to 1/2 cup for a full load

High efficiency washer: 1/8 to 1/4 cup for full load

if youve made thick soap -

regular washer: one Tablespoon for full load

HE washer : one teaspoon for full load 

now, keep in mind this isnt like cooking - adding too much, isnt going to ruin the "batch" ;) and adding too little isnt going to either. There are so many thing with laundry, how dirty your clothes are, how full a " full" load means to you ( i mean is your washer screaming when you pack it tight as could be or is it thanking you for leaving it room to actually do its job ;) you get what im saying - there are different needs for different laundry types that different people do. the awesome thing - is that you cant hurt your laundry, or your washer with our laundry soap. so as i said, follow the guideline we have just given you to start- and adjust as you see necessary. we promise, youll figure out what you like best.

oh, and if you like scented laundry - we recommend wool dryer balls infused with your favorite essential oils.

please do not attempt to use our laundry soap on your body - laundry soap is made with a much different formula than our body bars and would not feel near as good. we swear. 

factoids you may find interesting :

real SOAP cleans completely different than detergents. detergents are designed to break down in order to remove dirt and grime, which can sometimes actually just further spread and set stains and soiled laundry. soap,. on the other hand - works like a magnet - attaching to and rinsing completely away, taking dirt and grime with it. 

real SOAP acts as a built in laundry softener too! 

real SOAP can only be made with fats and water, and the only way to bring those two ingredients together is with the use of something called LYE - lye, oil , and water, go through a chemical change once they are brought together and become salt. so for example, if youve ever seen " sodium palmate" on a label, that simply translates to " palm oil that has been mixed with lye and water and is now salt" . without sodium hydroxide, or potassium hydroxide, soap cannot be made. dont let the lye word scare you! ( and also, just so you know, at BG we use food grade lye to ensure very precise amounts).

alright, i think thats about it for now! 

until next,