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Hi guys!

well.....its that time of year....when citrus oils are at their absolute best and i am all over them. not sure if youve ever noticed but the majority of our citrus stuff tends to come out in the first part of the year, granted, i always have something citrus around but i think the oils are at their best this time of year just as the fruit is ...so thats when i tend to release the most citrus stuff.

i have some citron oil im planning to do something with soon, i have an idea for it.. im just looking for some time. and - the yuzu bar just came out which is kumquat, grapefruit and yuzu. and coming soon... you dont know this yet but JOOST was just made - so that will be out in about a month!   until then... you all know whats up next.... and being released on february 6th.... pink grapefruit …

all the bunny things! i made a couple of new bunny products this year which im super excited about. since i wasnt able to make multiple batches of soap - i decided to bring out a couple of new goodies... some of them are in pretty limited amounts so be sure to get in soon after release if you have your heart set on something here. .... speaking of hearts..... i had to steal one from the grinch bar design and do bunny with little hand carved hearts this year... and of course, its a heart of gold, because thats what my nina had. ( for those of you who dont know, the bunny bar is made in memory of my dog nina who crossed the rainbow bridge years ago)  alright.. lets get to the products!

all of the products are pink grapefruit and bourbon vanilla scented except the soap.. the soap is just crisp fresh sweet pink grapefruit!

we have bunny pucks..

bunny soap... 

bunny liplove....

bunny butter creams...

and whipped bunny sugar scrubs! how cute are these seriously!

these will all be released on tuesday february 6th! hope youre as excited as i am... because, bunny. 

until next,