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alright, ive finally found a little, no, made a little time to get some info out here about the new serum B A S E. 

base started as a project in one of my notebooks about two years ago. Id found some interesting info on an oil that really piqued my interest and i thought man... this could be a serum pretty much all on its own. i started jotting down notes and looking for oils to compliment it... but not cast a shadow on it. i had to find the perfect blend so each individual oil got the recognition it deserves. 

it sat at my desk in a special spot ( with the numerous piles of " important stuff") for months. id go back to it in down time... and build and research and build and plan.... then it was time to start getting in the ingredients. 

the original base serum in my plans was not what ended up in the bottle. well, most of the oils i planned to have are in there - but i left out a few i was planning to use. i was planning a serum which included botanical extracts instead of essential oils, that definitely would have done amazing things - but something awesome happened along the way. i cleared my head of all the clutter, and remembered where i stand on skincare. LESS IS MORE. and with all the awesome oils i was putting in this bottle. it honestly didnt need another thing. not an extract, not an essential oil. nothing. and as i always say, the less you have on the label, the less room for issue someone can have. thats how i try to do things at bg. minimal, effective ingredients.

as i started getting my ingredients in - i began mixing them two at a time, to feel the consistency of each blend before putting them all together -- finally i had the base all done. and fell IN LOVE with the fact that there were no essentials, extracts or any other little active things going on other than what the base oils do.. and the texture of the blend was just awesome. i mean, just. awesome. and soooooo little goes SUCH a long way. its kinda unreal. 

anywho - after a couple of months of using the different oils in different blended formulas, i finally picked the one i liked best.Typically, im indecisive until i am decided - and once i am decided - nothing on earth changes my mind. so, i packed it up into samples, held a little meeting at work and handed out cliff notes on each of the oils that went into the serum, which, i ended up naming BASE as, well, it only suits! after all - i had been calling it "the base of the new serum" for months as i worked on it - and essentially, its ALL base oils. yep - NO essentials, NO little boosty thingies to do any extra work because it doesnt NEED them. and most importantly, i see this product as the BASE of good skincare. this is the foundation your skin needs for healthy skin. its so simple, its so complex, its so true and real and just still knocks my socks off when i use it. it does everything you could possibly want a serum to do , and with such minimal ingredients!!!

whats so wonderful about it - aside from all the amazing things the ingredients themselves do - is what it doesnt do! you see, essential oils each have their own unique compound profile. and all those compounds do things. and sometimes, most times, you dont need them all every day. and especially if you are using essential oils elsewhere in your life. its just, well, overkill. 

alright - so we sent 20 full size bottles of base out for testing and the feedback was in a few weeks later... but then the feedback kept coming in after the feedback was in - and with extended use - the feedback just kept getting better! We launched it for sale and its been a rockstar since its debut.  the results are speaking for themselves. from pore reduction, to minimizing breakouts and redness, to fading even old, stubborn scarring, fading fine lines etc...etc. we are all so excited about base. its doing everything it was intended to do, and being used as intended. Im super stoked to have a serum that i feel so good about ...so right up the alley of all things bodygoodies, which is: safe.simple.skincare.         

for more on B A S E (click here)

essentially, without essentials, base accomplishes everything all three of our other serums do - in one bottle. that was my goal. to get back to my less is more roots and bring that to your skincare routine. as for the future of remedy, treatment and basic serum - time will tell. no decisions on that yet, for now - they are all still here with intent of staying, possibly to come in smaller, more affordable packaging sold as the serum boosts they are intended to be. ;)

people often ask me what products i make that i cannot live without - and for years, its only been two things on that list. - crud and bod.e.oil -  but now i have to include BASE on that list. those are my top three. those are the only products i would take with me if i was travelling, forced to only make three products for the rest of my life, or air dropped onto a remote island. really.

anybody out there have any other input? feel free to comment!

ok guys, im off to do some soapy things - which, btw, we've been doing quite a bit of! THIS HOLIDAY SEASON IS GOING TO BE SO FREAKING COOL! like, i have never been more excited about a holiday collection than i am this year. its all just so exciting. i am losing sleep like a kid on xmas eve too excited to even get my eyes shut lol 

ill be back to rant about some eco stuff and product packaging soon! :D

until next,