all the poops

Posted by heidi goldberg on

right........ these golden nuggets of reindeer magic were not part of my initial plans - they were intended to be something entirely different but as my year would go according to its own plan ( not going as i planned) they would wind up completely wrong and i was left standing there saying "OH SHIT" ..... then it hit me. not the soap, but the idea. It looks like poop. its poop. everything is poop, my whole year is poop, this soap - yep, this soap is now poop too. all the poops. ive learned to depend on humor to get me through some super tough times and I definitely consider humor a survival skill at this point.. so I embraced how “ crappy” this soap looked and made it legit.
A little time and effort turned what would have been a big mistake into one of my favorite things I made this whole season. 

I pulled up my sleeves and slapped on some gloves and i cooked/rebatched more soap than i think ive ever rebatched at one time. i added sugar, vanilla and myrrh to an already frankincense batch and cooked this pot of slop until it smelled absolutely incredible. and then.. i cut, ground, smashed, and hand molded hundreds of these things. i pretty much laughed the entire time. 

what i didnt know, is that aside from looking hilarious they would actually make me laugh when i used them too. they are awkward to hold and slip out of your hands, and they are just funny. theyre also actually really beautiful once you rinse the gold top off... there are gold veins and shimmer throughout the soap... and the soap itself is REALLY great, the sugar i used to get a burnt sugar vanilla scent to the bar actually also makes the soap itself really soft and lather really nice. the original plan for the original bar was peppermint .... if you can believe that. haha... dont ask, im not ready to talk about it yet lol 

when i was making them, i was also tossing around the idea of making actual emoji shaped poop -- but the in house vote at work was we thought the little logs were funnier. golden reindeer nuggets-  so, thats what i did.  some of them are smooth some of them are rough lol but they are all log shaped and we think they are a riot. we have one at the sink at work and we still laugh every time we use  it. 

we also went back and forth about leaving them brown or covering them in gold and decided that the gold again wins, because 1... when given as a gift they might not necessarily think its poop at first, then realize it after seeing the label, so thats funny in itself.  also 2.. umm... hello -- flying reindeer? im pretty sure they have magical everything, including their poop which also smells OF COURSE like christmas!! 

hope you get a kick out of these, and enjoy gifting them as much as im planning to this year! 

until next,