about this " garage" sale

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hi guys, 

its been a bit eh? i hope you are all having as nice of a summer as i am! i sure did miss the sun and i am loving every bit of this heat. i cant wait for next week for two reasons, temps in the 90s and .... our sale begins!! i know a lot of you have a lot of questions about our upcoming sale starting on june 18th, so,im here to hopefully cover most of those questions.

one question i keep hearing is --- " are you CLOSING?!?!?!"  lol.. no, we are not going out of business.

.....however we will be shutting down for the first week of july. we are always pretty slow that week from everyone prepping their 4th of july festivities so, last year and we are doing it again this year, we will shut down that week and enjoy some festivity prepping or traveling to participate in some ourselves :)

whats for sale in the sale? well, we will be discounting anything in the shop that was around last holiday season if there is anything left, i also decided to really get down to the gritty bits of all of the totally random products i had here and there stashed all over the place. so there is a LOT of randomness going on. how that happens is -- lets say i made something, like, eh, whips --- and i made 50 but our label sheets come in 48 .... rather than print off an entire sheet of labels, i just set the two whips aside. ... i do this, often. lol it drives me crazy actually. ill have tray after tray on my side of just one bar of this, or two bottles of that. etc.. so theres a lot of that kind of stuff in this sale. there are also things like, some scrubs that may have been dropped and the lids cracked so i just tucked them away somewhere out of the way and forgot about them. so i spent this week prepping those sorts of things, putting labels on stuff, replacing cracked lids....

theres a few bottles of treatment serum going out for sale, they also are perfectly fine, they are just in the old packaging,,, the glass bottles. theyve been sitting around the shop doing a whole lot of nothing so, those will be available really cheap too.

we've got waaaaay too many hoodies --- lol so, when we decide to purchase a round of hoodies, we often get in a few different colors to decide which ones we want to order and we wind up with a crap ton of hoodies and t-shirts. now, im not saying these hoodies are brand new, some of them are, but some of them are cut into crop, some possibly have oil stains ( thanks to making soap in them ugh) but there are a lot to choose from and they will be out for sale super dirt cheap. 

i had a giant box of my crud scrap pieces from cutting the logs, i decided to bag those pieces up in 1lb, 1/2 b, and 1/4 lb bags .... now, you may think what the heck are you going to do with a lb of scrap pieces, well... some people actually prefer to cut their bars, some travel with our end scraps, and a really clever thing you can do with them is stuff them into an old sock or one of those sisal bags and literally just use the bag/sock like a sponge that already has your soap in it :) so... if you are up for something like that then i promise you -- lol youve never been able to get a lb of crud this cheap before!! they are priced at $4, $8 and $12.

jeez what else, umm... i found a bunch of old kitchen sink soaps, i found a couple of soaps that i had pulled aside because they were cured too close to another bar and developed a cosmetic blemish, found some bad cut bars, some one hit wonders, some not within weight bars, really just a totally random bunch of soaps that i had all over the place on my curing racks... theres a few scrubs, a couple of whips, some sprays, some liploves, a whole batch of wine soap that i never put out for sale because i hated the way it looked ( but it smells fantastic lol) some random stuff ive made and never put out for sale.

now, i know i am forgetting a toooon of stuff here, youll have to come in to see what all there is, but i decided to take advantage of the product sale and also get rid of some furniture. i like change, and im ready for some. ive also been making some changes in my home, and in the process i realized i have a lot of things and nowhere to put them. i have some light fixtures that never got installed and its way too late to return them, i have a desk that i ordered off of amazon and then never took it out of the box, i have decor from the shop and home that im getting rid of, some wind chimes, diffusers, a hummingbird feeder that was used literally once. lol incense, cute roller ball bottles, a whole young living starter kit with diffuser, a whole box of navy blue rit dye never opened lol ... you get the picture... some REALLY random stuff here. 

we'll also be selling our nice 7gallon buckets with lids. they are food grade buckets that only ever had either coconut or palm oil in them. they are washed out for ya. they come in really handy for things like, yardwork, fishing, a catch all in the garage, scrap, mixing things, potting soil, pouring large batches of soap lol, demo work, arts and crafts, storage, painting, etc etc etc..... really great buckets. 

i know there are things im forgetting about here... but, you get the idea.... its a lot of stuff and should be a lot of fun. 

sale starts on the 18th, and goes until....... until we have sold it. 

hope to see you all soon!

until next,