a few things to look forward to :)

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sheesh. feels like forever since ive had more than one tiny little bit of good news here and there. im writing tonight about a few of my favorite things that are making their way back into the line up :)

3 of my favorite soaps are on their way. yes, and i am sooooo excited about that. one of them is already in my shower, one of them is made, cut and curing and the other is on my white board in my production schedule for this week. i want to chat just a bit about all three of these bars, especially for those of you who have never used them, just to get to know the bars a little better.

the first bar rolling out is actually available for pick up and shipping on saturday, so its already live on the website to order -- we just havent posted about that yet. 

first up....


nakota has actually been around for a really long time, it was first made about 8 years ago, but it had quite a few years between where i didnt make it. not because i didnt love the bar, but because i visually just couldnt put the bar together in my mind and make it come out in a way which suited it -- until the last time i made it. i finally got the bar right. Nakota was originally a green and brown bar and looked so similar to fij i just couldnt handle it. lol the next time i tried it -- it was a brown bar with orange throughout it -- that didnt work for me either. next was a black bar, and although i was closer in my minds eye to pulling the bar together, it still just wasnt right. Last year i decided to make it a white and gray layered bar, with amaranth seeds and loofa in it.. topped with some black sea salt -- and as soon as i cut it i knew i finally got all the pieces to fit. nakota has such an interesting scent blend... one i am surprised i personally love so much, as i am not the biggest cedarwood fan --- but when mixed with rosemary and key lime it becomes one of my favorite bars i make. ever. actually, all three of the bars i am going to talk about tonight are in my top 5. 

neeeeext up...


another really interesting scent blend -- this bar is a blend of (very) aged dark patchouli, crisp bright green key lime and refreshing peppermint. i love the blend so so much i actually make it at home for my diffuser next to my bed :D i decided to reach out to you guys a couple of weeks ago to see what i should put on my production schedule -- and greenachine was the winner -- i was personally very excited that you guys voted for this one more because i also couldnt wait to see this bar again myself. greenachine has been around for years, but its one of those bars thats pretty difficult to make in large quantities so its not as easy for me to keep in the line up- otherwise i probably would.  greenachine has always looked the same, but i rotate whether it will be scrubby or not every other time its made. this round is a smooth bar with no exfoliant. so excited to have this one back!

and i guess ill save my favorite favorite for last...


gahhhhhh..... i. love. this. bar.

synchronicity has been out for a couple of years now. and it literally is a bar that i swear to you i will not use the very last bar of until i have the batch made again. i hoard one bar for myself that i refuse to use until i know i can get more of it. lol i do not do this behavior with any other soap i make. its another bar with a really interesting scent profile, its a bit more complex than the other two i talked about tonight -- it contains frankincense, geranium, patchouli and blue cypress. they dont sooooound like they would go well together when you read it --- but when you mix them up and put them in soap they turn into one of my favorite scent blends on the planet. not to mention, they are incredible oils for skin. i love this bar as my face soap. i love everything about this bar. the color, the little stars on top, the lather, the scent. i just wish i could make one bar last forever. :) cant wait to walk into my production area after its made and smell this thing curing on the racks again! i think this time around i may cut the bar into long flat bars instead of the big chunky rectangle -- i made some cut this way over the holiday season and i liked how many more stars were on top of each bar this way heheh

ooooooh and on a whim i decided to make a basil and lemon sand soap -- its a perfect gardeners bar, or foot buff. ive been using it at my shop for the last week and im loving it. so, although its nothing much to look at ( pretty cut and dry brown sand soap lol) -- the bar itself works awesome! 

i have a couple of other bars on my current production schedule that im pretty excited about as well... i will keep you posted as i get them made and we can expect to see them rolling out soon. 

something else im looking forward to, is a new ingredient im excited to check out. ive actually used something almost identical years and years ago and havent messed with since. like, many years -- probably about 12 years ago so, im pretty stoked to check this ingredient out and see how it behaves in the soaping process. i will definitely keep you posted about its trial batch and if all goes well with the test batch -- i plan to cut it up into 2oz bars and send them out with your pick up and shipping orders to you guys for feedback :)

alright guys, i think thats about it for now -- actually im lying, theres more to talk about but this blog is getting too long lol ill be back with more to talk about soon!

until next,