2024 blog no.1 reflect, remake, release.

Posted by heidi goldberg on

helloooooooo everybody! 

hope you all had some great holidays, much needed down time and a great start to the new year! i certainly did! 

i finally didnt get covid, had low-key holidays, time, and i confess i definitely enjoyed binging some netflix!!  im talking toothpicks in the eyelids kinda binging too. blown away, great british baking show, elvis, some documentaries -- man i watched so much great stuff! 

this was the longest break we've ever taken, and i want to thank you all for understanding and for your patience in receiving the orders you placed during our break. i really needed some time to reflect, analyze the business over the last year and prepare my taxes... so im grateful to have had that opportunity in that time. moxie and willow would also like to thank you for all the extra treats, cuddles, and playtime they were able to have. :D

i also did a lot of thinking in our time off... and some of that im going to share with you now.... some later.

there will be a few changes ( shocker ) one of which is that starting next week we will be open on sundays! we were open on sundays a few years back, and i really dont mind at all as long as we have staff to cover those days so that i can still be in production, and, for now we were able to cover sunday shifts through february. so we know for now, at least through february we will be open on sundays! yeehaw!

i also had a chance to look through the analytics of what was sold last year, and i am going to be making changes which i will talk about in more detail in its own post not too far down the road.

ahem, also, i know i said i wasnt going to go to work BUUUUTTTTTTTTT ... i did go up to work one day during our down time and that was tough for me. i wanted to go every day but i had to force myself to do things other than work because that was the whole point of the break. LOL  however, on the one day i was there i made two batches of soap that will both be out at the end of this month, i think the 23rd. one is a rosemary bar, just plain rosemary just like bar 21 except i decided to give it a green makeover. i love the way it turned out and its possible ill continue to make it this way, for now, it is what it is. second soap i made is wow..... you know, im not necessarily a fan of the citrus bars but holy crap does this one smell great -- its yuzu, kumquat and pink grapefruit and its so good!!

im actually really glad i made that yuzu soap when i did because i didnt realize id be unable to get olive oil again. because i only had enough olive oil to get one batch of bunny made, and the yuzu soap although its not " bunny" its an awful lot like it for those of you who just love the scent of bunny!

i have sooooooo much restocking to do - and unfortunately, on our first day back - i discovered my production side of the building had no heat, and, well that wouldnt be good conditions for making any of the products i make...  so, minor setback time wise but we are up and running again. im just glad it didnt happen during this cold snap and although its brutal.....theres something comforting about being stuck indoors with every reason to take naps, eat soup and drink coffee all day. heh. 

speaking of this cold snap....thank god for butter creams! did those finally catch on or what?!? im having a hard time keeping them in stock! im really happy people have discovered how amazing they are because i personally cant imagine not having them. that said, with the holidays now over i wouldnt expect the same variety in stock like we had in december - but ill be mixing it up with different available scents from batch to bacth. however the plain milk and honey sugar bars are a staple and will remain that way ;)

alright and last up... coming soon: bunny liploves as well as bunny butter creams! and, as soon as my olive oil gets in ive got a list of soaps on my whiteboard that will be back, including joost, hot chocolate, matcha mint....ahh i love that one! hopefully a batch of dog sprays, and whatever else my two little hands and stash of ingredients can fit into my schedule.  

so, yeah, i think thats about it for now and ill be filling you in on more as things start rolling out. until then, expect a lot of restocked posts! hah

until next,