soap stones and giveaways!!

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holy crap.

its finally here. 1 sleep ( if i can) until SBS 23'. this is hands down our favorite day of the whole year at BG. we cant wait to see you all! 

ok so lets talk about this " raffle" so, its not exactly a typical raffle where you buy tickets ... im just calling it that because we have actual tickets this year HAHA as you know in the past we have you fill out your name and way to contact you for our giveaway basket at the end of the day. THIS YEAR - i just want to have so much fun, i want everything to be so much fun for all of you --  i wanted to give multiple ways to earn tickets, and at the end of the day we will pull the ticket and post the winning numbers to our social media. 

also this year, instead of a pre-selected basket, we are giving away a $100 gift card to bodygoodies so you can pick whatever you like best!

heres the ways to earn tickets: ( tickets will NOT be sold)

everyone who comes in the door will get a ticket. so you all get at least one chance to win!

if your purchase is $100 or more you earn another ticket

find one of 15 golden tickets and exchange it for a real ticket at the ticket counter 

if you post a story or photo while you are at the shop to your social media and tag @bodygoodies ---show it to the ticket counter they will give you another ticket. 

If you wear your favorite BG hoodie/t-shirt or bring in your canvas bodygoodies reusable bag you will earn a ticket.

also, as you know we run out of shopping baskets quickly -- if you bring your own basket to shop with ( heck, could even be a box) we will issue you another ticket!

there will also be some random ways not listed here to get tickets throughout the entire day! some fun little surprises!

and dont forget -- we also have FIFTEEN gift baskets to give away throughout the day prior to the raffle drawing!!!

alright lets talk about these soap stones - theres some important stuff you should know about them --

"of all the products made for this season - these soap stones are without a doubt my favorite. im going to just post the write up from the online listing for ya since it breaks it all down. 

they are 2.75-3.0 oz each and fit comfortably in your hand. 

please take note that all of the soap stones are made with various types of soap to achieve that raw stone look, they have multiple essential oils, not a single stone is like another. they are all unique. so although some may smell obviously of lavender - chances are they are mixed with something else. some tend to be stronger mint, some smell like farmhouse, some smell like pizzelle and noel, some are citrus, lemongrass, patchouli,  i made the stones out of my edge pieces after cutting the batches of soap for our holiday season. this means:

****important information about ingredients****  to make the stones, various soaps were run through a grinder and then hand molded. prior to shaping them they are then dusted in one or multiple things such as mica, glitter and cocoa to achieve flecks of sparkle and colorful veins throughout just as real stones do. Because these are made out of multiple kinds of soap - the ingredients aside from the natural oil and essential base, could include any of the following: clays, muds, oat flour, oats, various seeds, pumice, loofa, milk, micas, oxides, sugar, chocolate, flower petals, honey, herbs, basically any ingredient bodygoodies ever uses ..etc. so please take that into consideration if you are vegan or have allergic responses to any of the forementioned. 

also, if you order a soap stone online, you can * request* a certain color or scent and we can do out very best to accommodate your wishes, however we **cannot guarantee** there will be one available in the color/scent youve requested at which point we will choose what would be closest to your preference."

earlier in the season i mentioned how people would put gemstones in their " wonder rooms" to display and impress any visitors. they also were used medicinally and spiritually for all sorts of reasons in all sorts of ways all throughout history. as you know, i really dug into history pretty far back this year and i just knew gem stones had to be part of this years release. they look absolutely beautiful when in use and im totally obsessed with them and also know for certain this will not be the last time i make them. 


alright guys -- now you know all about all of the soaps being released tomorrow and i so cant wait to see what you all end up loving most! 

until next,