new bars, new prices

Posted by heidi goldberg on

Hi guys!

as you may have noticed there are quite a few changes taking place around here...one of the things i need to update you on, is the new bars and classic bar/new sizes and pricing.

a few months ago when i was working on this overhaul with the new soaps, the simple soaps, i mentioned that our other bars, we'll call them the classic bars ( thanks for the name melanie ) were going to be changing as well. not the bars themselves as far as ingredients go, but, as far as the pricing goes. so after quite a few batches and different ways of cutting them, ive figured out the best cut, with the least waste, and how to keep the bars as much like they originally were. Ive got nearly all of the classic bars made, cut and cured this way now, crud, bar 21, bar none, spa bar.  i have yet to make fij and rooibos tea, but as soon as my patchouli arrives those will be made as well. so --- we began rolling those out online as of last week. (  note: bar 21s entire batch is cut crooked as the cutter was a few mm off and i didnt realize it .. whoops lmao) 

so the new classic bar size and pricing will be according to the bars ingredients - instead of a standard price across the board like we used to do. you will see new pricing on the website and it will reflect in store as soon as our bars from the previous cuts are gone. 

as for the simple soaps -- the line seems to be starting to take shape, based on feedback coming in so far, ive already made some of the batches again because i already know they will be at the top of the " keep" list once we have all of the votes in. again, these bars are not about me or what i want to create, they are everyday bars i want you all to love, and in order for that to happen i need you guys to be the ones deciding what stays and what goes. theres ONE bar i might have to make an executive decision on, however, lol because i do believe its that deserving of a spot in the line.  so again, please tell us your top favorites, any way you can, write in, call in, stop in, comment here... etc.. you dont have to pick just one, but perhaps your top 6ish.

i have tweaked just a couple of things since making those bars, as i always tend to do its second or third time around -- first go, i may think it could be better if.... and the second round i will do " better if" and if i dont think its better, ill go back to how it was originally with round three and thats how the bar will officially stay.

lastly, over the next couple of weeks youre probably going to see some oddities and things on sale in the shop - overhauling the soaps has changed the way our entire back stock operates so we have some cleaning house to do as we begin managing this major transition. i need to make space, and get rid of things that are kind of in my way ;) 

alright - i think thats all i needed to say about the new bar sizes and prices, just wanted to give you all a heads up that these things are now underway and to expect changes.

ill be back soon to follow up with a blog going into more detailed info on the simple soaps themselves and why we are loving them so much!

until next,