unicorn magic


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a couple of surprise visitors came to the shop while heidi was making soap.. two unicorns!!! They thought this year could use a little extra magic, so they helped make the batch!! 
they chose a scent which smells like the magical sparkly fields they play in, fruity and refreshing — it actually somehow smells like sparkle.. if sparkle had a smell ;) 
and .. then they mixed in allllllll their magic dreamy mystical powers into the batch .... and it looks like confetti!! 
And last, they shared some of their super special magic unicorn dust as well... ( this is the cool Stuff that falls from their manes and tails as they play) .. and you can find it on the top of the bars! 
we hope you find these bars as special as the unicorns that helped make it! 

ingredients: saponified oils of: olive, coconut, palm, safflower, jojoba, lavender and bitter orange essential oil, cosmetic glitter, confectioners glitter, confectioners sugar, oxide, mica. 3.5-4.5