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a natural tick repellent - that smells pretty good.

we got tired over the summer worrying about our dogs getting ticks running through the woods or fields on the farm - not to mention the chance that we'd end up with a tick on ourselves as well.... sooo...

we made ticked off!  for people and dogs, to protect us from ticks. 

use for people: one drop to rub between wrists, one drop at the base of your neck where your hair starts, and a drop on each ankle. 

use for dogs: a few drops on the collar, and a drop on each hind leg. 

ingredients: cocos nucifera (coconut oil),capitatium x radens (geranium oil), lavendula (lavender oil), citrus c limon (lemon oil), juniperus virginiana (cedarwood), citri odora (lemon eucalyptus),   pogostemon cablin (patchouli).

ticked off can be used at full strength as a concentrate, it can also be mixed into a liquid of your choice ( we recommend floral water such as lavender, or distilled water) and put into a spray bottle to cover larger areas. If you are considering doing so, half of the ticked off concentrate to 4 oz liquid is appropriate. 

this new formula now includes lemon eucalyptus to provide a broad spectrum of protection to repel mosquitoes that could carry heart worm. 

1/2 oz. 

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