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when I had the idea for this bar.. I was thinking of those super silent late winter nights, when you walk outside and can almost hear the snow sparkling in the moonlight.
… I think of fresh split log piles and a whiff of pine that’s brought with the drifting snow… stepping back into a cozy house, onto a worn leather sofa.. with a warm fuzzy blanket and a coffee to sip by the fire. (probably wearing matching top and bottom plaid pajamas too) heh.
I wanted this bar to be subtle with its scent .. gentle, soft and visually soothing. I think this bar came together exactly as I’d hoped.
I didn’t want the smack you in the face oh my god it’s a pine tree sort of smell.. I wanted the sort that just barely whispers to let you know it’s winter… this bar is lightly scented with pine, black spruce, amyris , clary sage and ho wood.

ingredients: saponified oils of: olive, coconut, palm fruit, safflower, essential oils of: pine, amyris, black spruce, clary sage, cane sugar, titanium dioxide, confection glitter. 4.5 5.5 oz