sandalwood vanilla body spray


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sandalwood vanilla body spray
sandalwood vanilla body spray

calling all fans of cavendish and signature scents! this spray is just for you. it is a light and sweet earthy scent that will not compete or overpower. if  you are looking for that perfect unique scent that feels like it was made specifically for you...look no further! 

this spray is perfect to wear out and about, and is a great option for anyone with sensitivities/allergies, and asthma sufferers! this sanalwood vanilla spray is a sweet, wholesome aroma that is not overpowering yet will linger when sprayed on skin or clothes!

a perfume without any scary chemicals or fragrance oils. meet the new sandalwood vanilla spray! 

ingredients: H20, organic lavender cane alcohol, vanilla, sandalwood, & copaiba essential oils.
4.2 fl. oz. shake well before use.

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