remedy serum
remedy serum

remedy serum

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Our remedy serum is our latest serum to the line. Heidi developed this product with healing in mind. This formulation is completely different than our treatment serum, but we recommend to alternate or using both  of our serums to maximize effects. This serum has minimal SPF so is best used as a night serum, its also a bit thicker than our treatment serum for more intense hydration. This formula has the ability to calm inflammation, help the process of healing wounds ( burns, surgeries, bruising etc), minimize scarring, fade discoloration, reduce the signs of aging, help control dark under eye area, heal broken capillaries, tone, revitalize, restore.... the list goes on....  


oils of : jojoba, coconut, meadowfowm seed, oat oil, castor, essential oils of rose, neroli.

to use:  

to use, simply roll on desired amount onto clean skin, gently massage into skin. ps, a little goes a LONG way! we recommend using our serums as your daily moisturizers. no other moisturizers are necessary. 

pairs best with : your favorite bodygoodies facial soap, treatment serum, basic serum.

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