mothers day soaps 2023


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we officially have a new tradition here at bodygoodies for our mothers day soaps! some super special moms come in to create their very own bars.  my good friends JAX and MELANIE are two of the coolest most amazing moms i know and i am so excited they came back to do it again!  and wow did they make some incredible soaps this year!!

JAX made a bar called VINTAGE and wow does the name suit the bar! she knocked it out of the park with the scent blend! its uplifting and soothing blend of citrus, chamomile and basil...her bar is mildly scrubby ( i dont think jax would have it any other way ) with some ground loofa and ground oats and it is amazing! pink clay and dark cocoa surround the super cute soap balls inside and on top, sprinkled with a bit of pink salt! its a small limited batch so get it while you can!

MELANIE made a bar called SWEET TART and that is exactly what it smells like!! Her super fun bar is loaded with multi colored soap balls that she sat and hand rolled each and every one, hundreds of them, to make her bar exactly as she imagined it! her scent blend is an incredible sweet and refreshing combination of pink grapefruit, bitter orange and egyptian geranium, definitely a must have! its a small limited batch so get it while you can! 

i also made a ltd bar for mothers day called MAMA BEAR -- its scrubby with oats, amaranth seeds, cranberry seeds and it smells like what mama bear wants for dessert!! essential oils of vanilla, lemon, bitter orange and ylang ylang. 

hope you enjoy out 2023 mothers day one hit wonders!!

all bars are 3.5 - 4.5 oz  and made in a natural and organic base of saponified olive, coconut, palm and safflower oil. 

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