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✨🌟⭐️✨***these bars do come wrapped in yarn with charms!***✨⭐️🌟✨

Magpies have long been associated with all sorts of folklore 

I’ve always been intrigued and impressed with magpies. They’ve been said to be good luck, bad luck, messengers of good and bad news. They’ve been accused of stealing jewelry, creating elaborate nests with trinkets and fancy decor to impress a mate, which they keep for life. 
magpies also mourn the loss of other magpies in some sort of unique bird way ceremony. 
They’re known to be very intelligent, and mischievous. ;) How can you not love them. 

In England it’s common practice to salute a magpie if you see one, as doing so ensures no bad luck is bestowed upon you. I love that idea. 
I love superstition, folklore and darkly things just as much as I love glitter sunshine and adorable stuff… well maybe a little bit more of the darkly things, ha. 
I thought magpie was a perfect soap to make for October… with all of its superstition and mystery, and what better scent to use than anise.. so classically Halloween. Made to reflect the gorgeous black and white markings of the magpie, wrapped in trinkets, yarn and ribbons to honor their hard work nests. 
we hope you love this bar as much as we do! 

ingredients: saponified oils of; olive, coconut, palm, safflower, mango butter, lavender & anise essential oils, poppy seeds, titanium dioxide. 3.5-4.5 oz