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essential oil blends


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essential oil blends
essential oil blends

these high quality pure essential oil blends are perfect for oil diffusers & aromatherapy, but can be used however you choose. 


we fell head over heels for this blend.. its a perfect mixture that is simply a breath of fresh air. we aren't really sure exactly what makes this blend so magical, but each oil works so well with one another its impossible not to love. 

ingredients100% pure essential oils of lemon, basil, peppermint, bergamot oil. 


somehow this blend has found total balance of sweet, calm and refreshing. the kind of oil we would diffuse to sit and read a book front to back.

ingredients: 100% pure essential oils of bourbon vanilla, lavender, peppermint, german blue chamomile. 


this energizing blend of essential oils is refreshing as well as clean. it just may give you the little extra push you need to make you feel like you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. (previously named orenda)

ingredients: 100% pure essential oils of peppermint, lime, tea tree, spearmint, eucalyptus. 


this beautiful light blend of essential oils is awakening and simply beautiful. it combines grapefruit, jasmine and geranium perfectly with adding just a hint of lavender. a soothing combination to open your senses throughout your day to day life. (previously named ameranthine)

ingredients: 100% pure oils of jasmine, grapefruit, lavender, geranium.


ingredients: 100% pure lavender essential oil.