bod.e.oil - original body oil


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bod.e.oil - original body oil
bod.e.oil - original body oil

4 oz.

*new look!*

the bod.e.oil began as just a whim of a limited holiday product, created on the fly to give the bg customers something new for the 2015 holiday season. its intent was - to smell great, to feel great, to go on super easy, and hydrate without leaving any greasy feeling behind. ( plus it gave heidi an excuse to use the incredible baobab oil she had been dying to put into a product) what we didnt know, however, was just how much our customers were going to love it - and by popular demand, we've decided to bring it to the line. 

btw, bod.e.oil has earned a reputation as a great hair treatment too!

original ingredients: 

oils of : apricot kernel, coconut, safflower, meadowfoam, castor, jojoba, baobab, lavender, geranium, howood.

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